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My lips are always chapped and horrible .. Are there any home remedies or something that can cure them ?

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Try exfoliating your lips every other night with a homemade lip scrub with sugar & olive oil, sugar & honey, sugar & coconut oil or even just sugar and water. This will scrub away the dry flakey bits so your lips are smooth then follow with a chapstick.

My personal favorite lip balm that is AMAZING is Jack Black’s Lip Balm which is $7 at Sephora, Ulta and Nordstrom. Even if you pile on lip balm that won’t actually remove the dry, crusty skin like exfoliating can. Exfoliating your lips first will help the lip balm reeeally sink in. I find when I exfoliate and apply lip balm while i’m sleeping my lips are super moisturized and look bigger when I wake up. Just make sure to keep up with it and exfoliate your lips regularly :)

I'm very fair, with a cool (I think) undertone. I find it really hard to find a contour colour that doesn't look 'orangey' on me. Do you have any suggestions? (That aren't too expensive!)

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Try using a Loreal True Match Powder in a N (neutral) or C (cool) shade that is atleast 3 - 4 shades darker than your skin tone! Cheap, not orange/warm and that powder is super blendable :)

do you know of a good concealer for dry skin ? something that when its blended wouldn't look powdery and dry also ?

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You want something thats super creamy and moisturizing! Something like

  • Benefit Boing
  • Benefit Erase Paste (mainly for under eyes because its pinky/salmon toned which is great for dark circles)
  • Covergirl Smoothers Stick Concealer
  • Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Concealer
  • Rimmel Match Perfecting Concealer
  • Loreal Magic Lumi Concealer
  • Maybelline Dream Lumi Concealer
  • Borjouis Healthy Mix Concealer
  • Bobby Brown Creamy Concealer
  • Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser
  • MAC Studio Scuplt 
  • MAC Select Moisture Cover

How will I know when it's time to get new makeup brushes?

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When the brush hairs no longer feel soft or the brush hairs sort of stick in all different directions.

However most of my brushes are still good as new if you take pretty good care of them. The only brushes that I had to throw out were like super cheap brushes that just fell apart either the handle broke off or all the brush hairs fell out. Brushes should last you at least a few years if you take care of them and get decent brushes :)

To take good care of them make sure you

  • Wash them regularly, once a week atleast
  • Dry them on their side or upside down so water doesnt seep into the handle which will loosen the glue holding the brush together
  • Avoid getting water near the handle when washing so the glue doesnt loosen like the in previous tip ^
  • Use proper brush soap to wash them or something that isnt too drying like shampoo or regular soap. When washing with something that isnt really meant for cleaning brushes it can be drying and make the brush hairs more scratchy. I love using Jonhson’s Baby Shampoo because it’s cheap yet gentle and moisturizing. You can even mix in olive oil to condition them but make sure to fully rinse them off so & not use too much the brush hairs don’t feel oily/greasy. 

HI! Which Sigma brush set do you think is more versatile/you get the most for your money? Mr. Bunny Essential Kit, or the Essential Kit 10 Brushes? Or any of their other sets? Thanks!!

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Personally I think the Premium Kit is the most versatile! I could think of multiple uses for every brush in that kit and would use them all. However that might be more of an “advanced” kit because the brushes are a little more unique so if youre a beginner I’d say go for the Essentials kit because I think it’s good to have a mixture of natural hair brushes and synthetic. I started with the Essentials kit like 5 years ago and I still use a lot of brushes from that set :)