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This does't exactly have to do with makeup or skin care, but I thought you might know the answer. The past few months my hair has bee getting thinner, dryer, and it lacks shine. My hair's always been fine, but not this fine. I do everything that I've always done with my hair to keep it healthy, and I take vitamins to help it too. Do you know anything that might help with this?

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I like to think I know a little about hair so i’ll give you some of my hair tips I use to keep my hair healthy! Your hair could be getting thinner & more dry from constant heat styling, swimming in chlorine pools, being in the sun too much, shampooing/washing your hair too much, etc.

But it could be something thats more of a medical issue so you might also want to go to a doctor :)

As for my tips, try to

  • Deep condition weekly. I like to use a good hair repair mask or deep conditioner once a week. My favorite is the Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Mask! Just keeps your hair healthy and strong.
  • Leave in creams/oils. Usually those with thin, fine hair go with creams or sprays because they are more light weight than oils like Argan oil. I find oils are a little more moisturizing! I always leave in Argan oil or Moroccan oil after a shower when my hair is slightly damp. I also apply some when my hair is dry for some shine and moisture.
  • Avoid brushing your hair when your hair is wet. It’s the most fragile when wet so if you do need to brush use a wide tooth comb. Handle knots gently don’t tug and pull. Let your hair air dry till it’s more dry to start combing!
  • Don’t over wash your hair. Shampooing every day can be a little harsh on hair and dry it out. Especially if the shampoo isnt moisturizing like a clarifying shampoo. I usually shampoo every other day and condition my hair every day in the shower. The days I only condition I only apply it on the ends so my scalp isnt too oily/greasy. But if youre used to washing your hair every day you’ll need dry shampoo for second day hair! After a while of washing every other day you’ll hair will balance out and stop getting greasy quickly. 
  • Choose shampoos and conditioners wisely. Don’t go for ones that smell good go for ones that aim to keep hair healthy and target your exact needs like for fine hair. Sulfate free formulas are best because they don’t lather as much thus being less drying on the hair.
  • Rinse your hair with cold water before getting out of the shower. This seals your hair and just makes it overall more shiny. I know it’s hard but the colder the water the better! lol
  • Avoid heat. This is the most obvious but necessary! 
  • Use a heat protectant. My favorite is the Tresseme Heat Protectant! You spray all over your hair before applying any styling tools to protect your hair. 
  • Use DIY hair masks like with coconut oil, olive oil, avocados, etc. There are many at home mask ingredients you can make to treat your hair once a week. 

Good luck love!

Hi! I was wondering- what are the best cream blushes on the market? Drugstore and high end? Thanks! I love your blog!

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Thanks love!

Some I recommend are

NYX Cream Blushes around $6 at Ulta, Target or online

Illamasqua Cream Blushes $26 at Sephora or Bloomingdales

MAC Cream Blushes $21

Revlon Photoready Cream Blushes $8 - $13 depending on where you get it, drugstore items are always cheapest at Walmart and Target!

I'm looking for a nice dark brown shade for my eyebrows. I have pale skin and sort of dark brows. Nothing to expensive? Thanks :)

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Try Wet n Wild’s Brow Kit! Super cheap and comes with a gel and two browns. You can either mix the browns to create a custom shade or use the lighter brown in the front of the brow and the darker brown on the ends of the brow to create a fading/ombre effect. This is great for when creating a natural looking brow because naturally brows are a little more sparse in the front. Or you can just use one of the browns :)

ELF makes a great $3 brow powder sold at Target too! Comes with a wax and a powder.

You could always just use a matte brown eyeshadow as well :)

If pencils are more your thing try Maybelline Define a Brow Pencils, Jordana Brow Pencils or Rimmel’s Brow Pencils, those are all my favorites! I can’t recommend an exact color because it really depends on your hair color and brow color.

I don't have a question, I just wanted to commend you on how polite you are in response to each question. even though you usually have to repeat yourself your refer people to the FAQ, as well as your educated answers. you don't bullshit if you don't know, and you're resourceful. I recently unfollowed a "beauty guru" on here because of how rude & self righteous she typically is, even in general as well as to repeat offenders, so I wanted to just show some you appreciation.

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Awww I love you! lol

I’ve been getting a few of these nice messages today and I just want to say thank you! Luckily all my followers are usually really supportive and nice and it really makes me excited to blog! Thank you guys for making this such a friendly environment for me :)

How can I clean my beauty blender without buying the cleaner?

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I use Johnson’s Baby Shampoo like I said in my previous ask for my brushes, I use it for my beauty blenders as well!

I run the BB under warm water until it gets fully soaked and apply the Johnson’s Baby Shampoo where ever it’s stained and gently squeeze the BB until it gets all foamy. By squeezing your getting the baby shampoo to foam up. When it gets foamy the suds/soap is cleaning from the inside out and the foam will turn foundation colored. 

After the BB looks clean I’ll keep squeezing under warm water until the water runs clear and it’s no longer soapy.

Just make sure to squeeze gently and make sure it’s wet! If you squeeze too hard when it’s still somewhat dry it might rip :)

what's a good affordable brush cleanser that you recommend?

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Johnson’s Baby Shampoo!

I swear by it! I use it every week for my brushes for years. It’s gentle, lathers well, doesn’t dry out your brush hairs, cleans even my hard to clean brushes like foundation brushes, is affordable and won’t irritate your skin because its hypoallergenic.

You can get a big tube to last you months for under $5 :)

My top lip is smaller than my bottom, and I feel like thats why I never like to wear lipstick because it looks strange. Any advice on how I could make it look better?

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My top lip is a lot smaller than my bottom lip too!

Lip liner my friend, lip liner is the answer.

Lip liner will allow you to draw a bigger top lip. I always slightly over draw my top lip and create a fuller top lip to balance out my larger bottom lip. I just draw a little above my natural lip shape, trying to create a new lip shape will make it look a little too fake. 

I have a lip liner that matches my lip color to wear every day and I’ll throw some lip gloss or a sheer lipstick on top. But I also have a pink and nude lip liner that will match with most lipsticks when I want to wear actual lipstick. For bold/bright lipstick a lip liner is a must! I have a red and deeper red/wine shade and they match with most of my bolder lip colors :)