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Do you think it's easier to contour with liquid/cream or powder?

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I think contouring with powder is a little quicker and easier! However contouring with cream and liquids can look a lot more natural and more “airbrushed”. 

I usually contour with powder every day and using a cream bronzer for bigger occasions like a night out when I want to look super glam.

Sometimes I do both! Usually your blush/bronzer is the first to fade away so using a cream contour product under your bronzer will make it last all day because the bronzer has something to stick to :)

Do you know any good drugstore makeup for contouring? :)

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Contouring with powder

If you want to use bronzer go for a bronzer that is matte because matte bronzers will look more like a natural shadows than a shimmery bronzer! Using a cool toned bronzer is best because a cool/grey bronzer will look more like a shadow than a bronzer that is too orange/warm.

Some drugstore matte bronzers are

  • NYC Sunny
  • Revlon Photoready Bronzed n Chic
  • Physicians Formula Bronze Booster (comes in 2 shades)
  • NYX Matte Bronzer

Since some of these bronzers aren’t completely cool toned you could even use a face powder about 4 shades darker than your skin tone. Just make sure to go at least 4 shades darker because if it’s too close to your skin tone it will just look muddy. I recommend Loreal True Match Powders because they are easy to blend and come in shades C (cool), N (neutral) and W (warm) so it’s easy to find a cool or neutral shade :)

Contouring with cream/liquid

If you want to use cream/liquid to contour i’d also recommend the Loreal True Match liquid foundations for the same reason listed above, you can easily find a cool or neutral shade to contour with! You could also use stick creams like Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick and Loreal True Match Crayon Concealer because you can easily draw the contour lines on your face and blend them out :)

What are some good Oxblood colored lipsticks?

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*not my pictures

MAC Media 

MAC Diva (very similar to media, media is a tad darker and more purple)

Revlon Black Cherry

Kat Von D Rosary

How can I make my eyeliner new and different

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You can try making winged liner thickest in the middle of your eye, this will make your eyes look bigger and make them pop! You could also try making your wing extra long. You can even use pencil or shadow to create a line and then smudge it out for a sultry, sexy eyeliner look. 

If you’re really daring try looks like

Double Wings! This always gets a few ooh & ahhs every time :) You can also put glitter liner in between the wings.

Glitter eyeliner! You can use a glitter liquid liner by it’s self or apply it over your regular black eyeliner for a more subtle look. You can even put a line of glitter liner on top your black liquid liner to have two lines!

Colored eyeliner! You can use a vibrant color like a bright blue or green or go more natural with a deep purple or deeper blue. You can also use colored pencil liners in the water line or smudged under the eye.

What type of brush would be best for applying lipstick?

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Personally I love using a synthetic angled liner brush! The sharp slanted edge makes it great for getting sharp, clean lines. Getting one that is synthetic is important because some natural hair brushes can be too scratchy and hard. You can get them for super cheap and you can even find similar ones at craft stores like Michaels near the paint brushes. Paint brushes are great for eyeliner and lipstick :)

Lip brushes are great for mixing colors without getting other colors on your actual lipstick, for a sharp lipstick line or for makeup artists!

Makeup Artist Tip:

Unless you sanitize your lipstick after every client it’s best not to apply lipstick directly onto the clients lips because you can spread bacteria from the former client and so on. Washing a lip brush after every client is a little easier than sanitizing your lipstick.

The one pictured is a synthetic angled liner brush from Coastal Scents for $1.95 


However you can also use a concealer brush, a lip brush, an eyeliner brush, etc basically any small synthetic brush :)