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What's the best thing to put on your lips before lip liner to make your lipstick more flawless

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You can put on a lip primer which is basically a face primer for your lips, it fills in any lines to make your lips look smooth and makes your lipstick last longer! They also add moisture without being overly wet like chapstick which would cause your lipstick to go on sheer and wear off easier. Too Faced, MAC, ELF, OCC, etc all make one.

You could also apply concealer or foundation all over your lips to mute out your own lip color so your lipstick is super bold and true to color!

Lastly, make sure to exfoliate your lips with either a toothbrush or a lip scrub (make your own with olive oil and sugar) before bed for smooth lips in the morning. When your lips are smooth your lipstick will always looks better :)

First let me say you are a goddess and a SAINT for taking the time to find all these dupes! With that said I desperately need a dupe for Tom Ford's True Coral. Please help.<3

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Thanks love!

Tom Ford’s True Coral

Maybelline Vivid in Shocking Coral

Revlon Coral Berry

MAC Vegas Volt

I adore Laura Mercier products but now that I am in grad school full time I don't have as much expendable income. Any recommendations on a good match to their translucent loose setting powder? Even just a more affordable version at Sephora or Ulta would be lovely. Thanks!

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I usually buy Makeup Forever’s HD Powder in their travel $16 size because that one will last me months and the big one is a little too bulky for me :)

However some cheaper options are

Covergirl Translucent Powder comes in lightly tinted shades not stark white similar to the Laura Mercier Translucent powder which also isnt stark white. Price varies a few dollars depending where you get it.

ELF HD Translucent Setting Powder $6 at Target

NYX HD Setting Powder $10 at Ulta

So I live right around the corner from a CVS, and like going shopping for makeup, but sometimes i don't know where to start! What are your top CVS makeup picks for makeup? (If that makes any sense!)

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I have Best of the Best Drugstore Products post which you can view here :)

Pretty much all those products will be at CVS!

What is a good light weight concealer for brightening under the eye, maybe good coverage too if I can get the best of both worlds in one application but preferably more of a brightener

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I personally LOVE using Maybelline Dark Circle Under Eye Eraser in the shade Brightener/Illuminator because it’s pink toned which is super brightening. However you can use any shade! Since it’s SO light weight you can apply a lot for more coverage without it feeling thick under the eyes. 

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch  Concealer and Loreal Magic Lumi Concealer are also great light weight, brightening brush tip concealers great for highlighting/brightening all over the face :)