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Hi there! Love your blog! :) I was wondering how I can stop my foundation looking 'muddy'? I use max-factor miracle touch Liquid Illusion Foundation in warm almond 45. The coverage and colour are great, best foundation I've used! However sometimes it can look a bit grey and flat -I use bronzer and highlighter afterwards but I'm still not always happy! Thanks for your help xx

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Thank you! :)

Your foundation can look grey for 2 reasons, 1) too light to it makes you look ashy 2) the wrong undertone. Even if the foundation shade is pretty close to your skin tone the undertone might be off which isnt always super obvious. Go for a warmer foundation shade that’s more of a yellow under tone rather than pink which is more cool. 

Take this photo for instance, NC is yellow/warm (even tho it’s C for cool MAC does this backwards it’s confusing I know lol) and NW is cool/pink. The NC shade looks more yellow while the NW shade looks more ashy/cool even though they are the same shade. This might take a while to completely understand but after a while of getting used to it you’ll be able to tell right away when something is cool or warm toned :)

It could also be your powder with the wrong undertone! If you set your foundation with powder the powder’s undertone may be off. Or they’re both off! 

Being too matte can also cause one’s foundation to look dull. A super powdery, matte finish isnt the most “healthy looking”. A foundation that has a slight glow looks a little more luminous and alive looking. You can do this by applying little to no powder, adding shimmer to your face through blush or cheek highlighter, a moisturizing finishing spray or using a more luminous foundation. Using no blush or bronzer will also cause one to look more dull because foundation takes all the dimension out of your face but it seems like you already do that :)

What do you use to highlight and contour with?

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Personally to highlight I use either Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer in Brighten or MAC Prep & Prime Highlighting Pen in Radiant Rose because they are super light weight. For contouring I use either Sonia Kashuk Undetectable Cream Bonzer or a powder bronzer like Benefit Hoola or The Balm Bahama Bronzer. I mainly just highlight under my eyes and contour my cheekbones and temples not my whole face unless I have a reason to be super glammed up lol. 

A lot of the time in pictures like the one I just reblogged for really dramatic contouring & highlighting people use cream foundations or liquid foundations and blend it out. You can also get a similar effect by applying a light layer of foundation to even out your skin tone and then going in with cream bronzers & concealers to highlight, this is usually a less heavy, less dramatic look. You don’t really want to apply foundation then use more foundations to highlight and contour because that might look too thick and cakey. 

Why does my beauty blender make me look oily? How can I avoid that?

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Because beauty blenders are used damp so then you apply it your face looks soft of “wet” because excess water is getting on your skin but a lot of people like a more dewy, less matte finish. So if you prefer a matte finish it might not be the best for you. You can always put powder on top to create a matte finish! You could use it dry but it will soak up quite a bit of your foundation/product. I use it dry for concealer under my eyes but not for foundation :)

Hey I got the beauty blender from target not the real brand . What's the difference?? Will mine still work? I just got it today

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The Sonia Kashuk one? That one is pretty similar!

The only problem I have with some of the less expensive ones are they are less bouncy and more firm so it’s doesnt blend as well but they are still pretty good used damp nonetheless :)

Hi there Big fan of your blog and knowledge on makeup;) question what are some good long lasting foundations, I will be working a midnight to noon shift on Black Friday and really need something to last me the whole shift

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Thanks love!

Revlon Colorstay, Covergirl 3 in 1 Outlast, Kat Von D Lock It, MAC Pro Longwear, Estee Lauder Double Wear & Lancome Tient Idole Ultra 24 Hour :)