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So I heard that Japanese mascara's are better to use than American ones. Because they last longer and are thicker without clumping. Do you know anything about this topic because you seem like you know a lot about makeup.

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Yes I have heard this before usually because asians have shorter, straight lashes with little curl so asian brand mascaras are really catered towards those problems so they really lengthen and hold a curl. Basically they are aimed towards making your lashes look amazing lol. I’m guessing they would last longer because they would be waterproof and waterproof mascaras tend to last longer and not smudge away or anything :)

You can find asian brand mascaras at asian supermarkets sometimes or online! 

Majolica mascaras are super well known and loved japanese brand mascaras which you can buy online on Amazon

Fairy Drops brand is really popular as well!

Other popular brands are Fiberwig, Heroine and Dolly Wink. 

Shiseido is a Japanese skin care/makeup line sold at Nordstrom and Macys and some Sephoras so you could also try them! 

Is there a difference between water proof mascara and non water proof? I mean besides one being water proof :)

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Waterproof mascaras are generally more wet and dry more “hard” and “crunchy” which is good because it can keep a curl but not the most “natural” looking if you prefer more dry, light weight formulas.

I’d say thats the biggest difference although non waterproof mascaras can be more wet too. I normally only use waterproof mascara on my lower lashes so my mascara doesnt smudge because it can be a b*tch to try to take off waterproof mascara on the upper lashes you need a good eye makeup remover! But if you have really straight lashes or really small lashes waterproof is great because it will keep your curl so your lashes will look longer and more defined :)

I love love love your blog! Had to ask for a rec on a good neon matte lipstick (fuchsias, hot pinks, orange) that I could find easily in local drugstores in a small town. I'm not anywhere near a mac counter or department store. I just hoped you'd have some advice!

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Try Maybelline’s Vivid line! Sold at all drugstores & has super bright, bold colors from purples to corals to oranges to pinks :)

Do you know a dupe for night moth lip pencil by mac? & thank you (:

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Try Revlon Colorstay Lip Liner in Vixen, its a deep purple/wine shade!

Or NYX Lip Liner in Prune