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Hello! Love your blog, it's helped me with a lot of my makeup problems! I have a question though that i don't think you've answered and it's how to a keep mascara from getting on my top lid when applying it? I have this problem when i don't want to wear eyeliner and then it ends up kinda looking like i put it on anyway, just in a really bad way lol I've tried applying it from a downward angle but it still gets on there anyway. So i just need some tips for clean mascara application : D

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Thats really common it happens to me too!

  • Well first using a mascara with a thinner brush makes it a lot easier like Loreal Telescopic. 
  • Don’t press too hard into the lashes very gently brush through them. 
  • Look down and applying mascara downward on the top of your lashes 

If these still don’t work you can make your own lash shield/card with business cards, flash cards, etc. As long as the paper is somewhat thick. You can buy premade lash cards or juts cut them yourself to fit the shape of your eye. These act like little shields so your mascara won’t get on your eye lid.

Or just go in with a Q tip with makeup remover and remove the excess mascara on your lid :)

What are some foundations I can use to get that dewy look without spending a ton of money? I have dry skin D;

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Loreal Magic Lumi True Match, Garnier BB Cream (many BB Creams have a dewy finish), Neutrogena Healthy Skin & Loreal Visible Lift with the serum. Many “mature” foundations for older skin are very dewy and moisturizing! 

You can add your favorite moisturizer to any foundation my mixing them on the back of your hand. This will make the foundation more moisturizing and add a more dewy finish! You can also try using a setting spray to add more moisture and make your skin look dewy like ELF’s Setting Spray which is only $6 at Target :)

What's a good cleaner for brushes in between uses?

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Try a spray brush cleaner like

These are great for quick cleaning when you want to use the same brush with different blushes, eyeshadows, etc without mixing colors. You just spay the brush cleanser on a paper towel or hand towel and swirl until the brush is clean. The brush will dry really quick so you can use it again! You will still need to deep clean face brushes especially brushes for foundation every week or two so you don’t put bacteria on your face.

You can also make your own DIY spot brush cleanser with rubbing alcohol, baby shampoo, filtered water and a spray bottle. Use a few table spoons of baby shampoo, a few table spoons of alcohol and then mostly water. You may need to change this depending on your spray bottle size but just remember to use more water than alcohol and more alcohol than baby shampoo :)

I have the Lorac pro, any looks that you do often? I ran out of ideas.

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Lately i’ve been loving putting any of the darker brown matte shades all over my lid blended into the crease and then one of the shimmer colors right on the center of the lid!

Since it’s fall i’ve been using Garnet a lot all over the lid or smudged on the lower lash line with winged liner on top so the copper will pop under my eyes :) 

If you could get one pallet from sephora/ulta, what would it be?

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Lorac Pro forsure! I love, love how they have a whole row of matte colors and the shimmery shades are beautiful. Very pigmented and silky eyeshadows :)

Do you know of any full coverage loose or pressed powders at a drugstore price point?

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  • Milani Even Tone Powder Foundation
  • Physicians Formula Talc Free Mineral Wear Face Powder
  • Loreal True Match Powder (not a powder foundation but I find to have excellent coverage)