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What are some good eyeliners that are liquid?

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My favorite is the Wet n Wild MegaLiner because it dries matte and the brush is super thin so you can create the sharpest, crisp line. Plus it’s only $3!

I also really like ELF Liquid Liner because it’s just like the Wet n Wild Megaliner but not matte. Same thin brush. Only $1.

If a thin brush isnt your thing and you prefer a pen or felt tip (better for beginners, easier to use) try something like Maybelline Line Stiletto or Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner :)

hii! I was wondering if you know of anywhere to get a matte white eyeshadows? I've been searching for one for awhile and I can't seem to mind one.

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It might be a little tricky to find a single matte white eyeshadow you might need to check in quads and trios and such but here are some suggestions! :)

Milani White Lie ($6)

MAC Gesso ($15)

Wet n Wild Brulee which is more of a cream than a white! ($2)

NYX White ($5)

I wanna buy some Mac products but i don't know which products to buy for highlighting and contouring, any suggestions

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For highlighting try something like the Prep & Prime Highlighting Pen. It comes in 3 shades a pale pink tone, a pale yellow and a medium beige/pink for all skin shades. This won’t give much coverage if you want to use it as a concealer under the eyes for severe dark circles but it’s great for highlighting the face! 

If you want a great highlighting concealer try MAC Pro Longwear concealer, it has great coverage to still cover under eye circles but it’s light weight so you can still use to highlight all over the face!

For contouring use something like MAC Blunt, it’s a matte brown blush. Very pigmented a little goes a long way!

Since Blunt is a pretty dark people with more fair skin might have a little trouble applying it so I’d recommend Matte Bronze Bronzing Powder for lighter skin tones. It’s matte and a medium brown!

You could also use a MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural powder in a dark shade to contour with because the powders are matte, baked and creamy so it’d be like using a baked bronzer :)