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What kind of products should I buy for my train case for future clients.

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  • Cream/Foundation palettes. Cream palettes are always useful because they have a wide range of shades and is compact so youre not having to carry a million different shades. You can also mix them and use them for perfect shades of concealers or foundations. I’d recommend the Graftobian ones because they are very high quality and a lot of pro makeup artists use them! Graftobian sells lip color and blush palettes as well. Very respected, and high quality products!
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Coastal Scents makes more affordable cream and blush palette options however If you really considering making this a job i’d recommend splurging to have really pro products :)

  • Palettes! Eyeshadow palettes are also great because you can carry more shadows! You can even buy empty palettes like the Z palette and depot your favorite shadows and blushes to put them in a palette to take with you on jobs.

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  • Primers/Setting Sprays. You’ll also want makeup primers like eyeshadow and face primers! Primers will help the makeup you just did last longer as well as look better because primers make the skin more smooth so makeup can apply more flawlessly. Along with makeup setting sprays that will help the makeup last longer and help the makeup really melt onto the face and look more natural. Urban Decay, Skindinavia and Model in a Bottle make great ones!
  • Lashes. False eyelashes will also make any client you do feel extra glamorous. False lashes are always a plus! You can buy affordable pairs from Red Cherry that are real human hair, natural looking and are only 1$ - 2$ depending where you buy it. You can buy them cheaper in store at random beauty shops or online like Amazon :)
  • Beauty Blenders. I think fancy makeup sponges like Beauty Blenders are GREAT for makeup artists because they blend foundations and creams flawlessly. Just make sure to clean them after every client :)

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  • Translucent powders! They are great because you can use them to set any foundation for any client because they are colorless and they make skin look extra flawless by blurring imperfections. Just make sure to apply a really thin layer so they don’t look white!

Lastly, just make sure to have shades and products for any skin color and skin type! For example a foundation, moisturizer and primer for someone with oily skin and a more moisturizing foundation and moisturizer. If you don’t ask someone what their skin type is before applying their makeup you could use the wrong products on them and their makeup will slide off within an hour. Also blushes, bronzers and even eyeshadows for all different skin colors.  A super pale blush won’t work on someone with darker skin. Just make sure to have products that will fit everybody :)

what is a good concealer to wear after eyebrows are done?

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Any concealer really! Cream or liquid works best nothing too thick like a stick concealer. You’ll also need a thin concealer brush, angled liner brush or something small to apply the concealer under the brow, over the brow or both. 

I prefer a concealer a shade or two lighter than my skin tone so it will really highlight the brown brown and make the brow pop :)

what are some good everyday mac lipsticks for pale skin that arn't too nude (Nude lips look horrible on me)?

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I don’t like pale “concealer” lips on me either! I much prefer a mauve, pink or pinky beige for “nude” lips!

Try shades like

Hue (pinky nude)

Jubilee (glossy darker pinky beige)

Hug Me (beige)

Blankety (pinky beige)

Patisserie (peachy, pinky nude)