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Hey! do you know or a dupe for mac craving? Ibelieve thats what its called

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Milani Plum Rose and Maybelline Bit of Berry are both SUPER similar to MAC Craving :)

I have really weird skin. My nose and chin are always kinda dry and flaky. my forehead is always really oily and so are my cheeks. I am really pale as well I like wearing foundation but I hate being able to really tell that I am wearing foundation. I want a foundation that won't make me look oily and won't bring out my dry spots. plus I want it to look natural. do you have any recommendations? is there something I could do to my skin to make it not look so cakey? (I don't put much makeup on)

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For combination skin I always recommend what I do, which is have a skin care routine catered to more dry skin and a makeup routine thats catered more towards oily skin. So have a good thick, intense moisturizer to use at night, avoid using dry skin care opt for a more gentle face wash and toner and such & exfoliate weekly to get rid of dry flakes. This way your skin won’t be dry so you can still use a long wearing foundation and you won’t have any dry spots to worry about! This method works best for my combination skin. 

Your makeup can look cakey even if youre not wearing much and sometimes your skin is to blame for that. Dry patches will make it obvious youre wearing makeup so putting makeup ontop of dry skin will usually look cakey. It could also be the foundation so try different foundations as well.

To fix this you make sure you treat your dry skin like I mentioned above by using a good moisturizer, exfoliate weekly and use gentle skin care.

Check out my post all about how to not look cakey here :)

I saw the answer to how to save on makeup and I saw your answer about getting free samples from sephora and like a few other places but what do you say to them to get that free sample?

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You just ask them to color match you for a sample because youre thinking of purchasing the foundation/product later but you’d like to try it first. Or just say you’d like a sample to try!

For foundations they will color match you first so you can get the right shade :)

Hi! Have you heard anything about the naked 3 palette?

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Apparently it’s out in France right now hence all the pictures!

It’s a “rose” inspired palette so the colors will be warm and have rosey gold shades. I think it looks like a warm version of the Naked 2 :)

But for official launch date and info you can sign up on Urban Decay. There is no launch date thats out for the public right now.

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