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I was wondering if you could help me. I have oily skin but why do cleansers dry me out? And why do all concealers make my blemishes dry out and make them look even worse even if I moisturize? I'm really lost and don't know what to do with this pimple face anymore ='(

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First, I’d recommend to see a dermatologist! They can best treat your skin since I’m not a skin expert or anything. But I will give my two cents since I’ve tried many skin care products and deal with many skin care problems as well :)

Some cleansers that are made for oily skin or acne medicated face washes can dry you out because they are meant to dry out the pimples and decrease oilyness! However it seems like you might have combination skin which is oily/normal or oily/dry so youre oily in some parts of your face but dry or normal in other areas so when youre treating your oily & acne areas youre drying out the other parts. With combination skin you have to be careful to treat both areas not just one.

I’d recommend using a really basic, gentle face wash like Cetaphil’s Daily Cleanser, Simple Refreshing Face Wash Gel, Philosophy Purity Cleanser or Aveeno Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser. Sometimes we think we need to use super strong acne medicated face washes when sometimes that could be making your skin worse by irritating it. These won’t dry out your skin, they will simply clean it. 

You might also want to invest in a new moisturizer because it may not be moisturizing enough. Also, if you aren’t already try exfoliating. Exfoliating is SUPER important! It gets rid of any dead skin sitting on your face so your skin is more smooth and even. Exfoliating can help unclog pores and keep them unclogged as well as help your skin care products sink into the skin better and be more effective. Exfoliating makes your skin more smooth and soft so your makeup will apply more flawlessly and won’t look dry and flakey. Check out my post ALL about exfoliating here

The face makeup youre using might also not be suited for your skin or you may be applying it wrong or could be applying it better. Please check out my post on how to get your foundation to look flawless here :)