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I don't know if you have this problem, but I get really bad cystic acne from time to time, so I'll attack with an arsenal of acne medications. However, while it's health, the skin around the zit gets really dry. Any advice on how to the dryness before adding foundation?

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I used to get pretty bad cystic acne as well and going on birth control really helped for me because it helps balance your hormones. So thats just something to think about if you think you may have hormonal acne :)

As for battling the dryness, make sure to exfoliate and moisturize with a  rich, cream moisturizer. Exfoliating will scrub away the actual dry flakes, patches to make the area smooth while the moisturizer will keep it that way and prevent it from becoming dry again. A great affordable option is Cetaphil’s Moisturizing Cream (not the lotion, that one is more light weight). Don’t be afraid to apply a generous amount where your skin is dry especially at night.

Also, I wouldnt recommend using too many acne products. They can be pretty harsh on the skin and if you mix the active ingredients like sulfur with benzoyl peroxide it can have some harsh side effects. Choose one active ingredient that works for you. You might want to google which active ingredient is best for different types of acne. When I break out I LOVE using spot treatments because they fight acne but arent applied all over the face like a harsh acne face wash so the rest of my skin isnt dried out, only the pimple. Clean & Clear and Clinique make my favorite spot treatments :)

Last tip, pat/press the foundation and powder on over dry areas. This won’t “disturb” the dry area like rubbing which can cause the dry flakes to look worse and become more noticeable! 

I use the MAC liquid concealer and it always looks like I have soooo much on when actually I use sooooo little of it and actually makes my under eyes look kids grey. Any ideas on why this is an how I could fix this?

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It could be because

  • Your under eye area is dry making the concealer look thick, cakey by showing any fine lines are dry patches. Make sure to use an eye cream or at least moisturizer under the eye before concealer and at night to keep that area moisturized. Using and eye cream or moisturizer under will also help it blend better and look more smooth. You could even try applying a face or eyeshadow primer under the eyes after to make the area more smooth.
  • How youre applying it. When applying concealer under the eyes my personal favorite tool is a fancy makeup sponge like a Beauty Blender used damp or dry because it blends flawlessly and looks airbrushed. However any makeup sponge will work well, Target and Ulta make cheaper fancy makeup sponges. I don’t like using the traditional “concealer” brushes because they don’t blend as well and can look streaky. Using your fingers is great as well just make sure to tap to blend not swipe. Swiping the concealer under the eyes will cause the concealer to get stuck in any creases and tug on drier skin not looking that great. Tapping/patting on the concealer will give more coverage and look more blended.
  • The color is off. When you have intense blue/purple bags under your eyes using a concealer won’t necessarily cancel out the color completely. You want to use a correcting shade thats more pink, peachy so a NW shade of MAC concealers or a different correcting concealer. Or the shade could also be too light or just not the right color for your skin’s undertone. 
  • Too much powder under the eyes. If youre setting your concealer with powder it can cause it to look cakey and heavy if you apply too much or if that area is dry. Use a translucent powder which is very light weight and silky or skip the powder all together. 

Hope this helps solve your problem babe!

Hey! I love makeup but am not a big fan of lipstick. However, I feel weird if I dont wear a lipbalm of some sort like clear babylips. Are there any lipsticks out there that arent too showy or heavy but still offer some coverage??

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Revlon Lip Butters, Maybelline Color Whispers, Revlon Kissable Balm Stains, Covergirl Lip Perfection Color Gloss Balm, Tarte Lip Surgence (comes in matte too) & Buxom Full On Lip Tarnish :)