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Do you know of any products that help get rid of acne scars?

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For acne scars you want to look for lightening or exfoliating products. It’s tricky to recommend a product for acne scars because one product might work differently on someone else.

What works best for me is exfoliating products like intense face scrubs and using my Clarisonic once daily. Acne scars are only on the outer layers of skin so using exfoliating products will remove layers of your skin over time to revel a fresh, new even skin tone.

My all time favorite exfoliating scrub is Olay’s Microdermabrasion Peel Kit. It’s a pretty intense scrub thats not meant to be used every day, I usually use it once a week or once every two weeks. Since it’s more intense than other scrubs my skin always looks more even in skin tone quicker than If i were to use a more gentle face scrub. Microdermbrasion is a spa treatment which I have also gotten done a few years back but this is easier and cheaper for me! I have a full review on it under the Reviews link on the top of my page :)

Bio Oil is also really useful on getting rid of scars. And affordable! My only complaint with it is that I can’t use it in the day time because it is an oil and it will make me a little more oily and it’s sort of messy to deal with so I only use it at night. Those with oily skin don’t worry it won’t make you super oily its actually necessary to moisturize oily skin so I used this in replacement of my moisturizer. Oils are great for deep moisturizing! 

Hi I've only recently started wearing makeup but its really minimal. I find that when I first put on my makeup (bb cream, concealer, Mac MSF) in the morning it tends to look a little too dry and cakey but through out the day it starts to look extremely muddy and dark like I'm not even wearing anything at all. How can I keep my makeup looking as natural as possible and have it last through out the day? Also I have combination skin.

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First, with combination skin you have to sort of treat two different skin types. Make sure your skin is treated like it was dry skin by using a good moisturizer, avoiding drying face washes and skin care and exfoliating weekly and use makeup products as if your skin was oily like long wearing foundations, primers, powders, etc. This is what works best for my oily skin. 

To solve your dry, cakey problem make sure to exfoliate weekly and moisturize your skin before foundation! When your skin is dry and flakey your foundation won’t look very good ontop of the skin. BB Creams arent usually cakey looking so i’m assuming it’s your skin thats the problem. Exfoliating your skin weekly with a face scrub will make your skin more smooth by scrubbing away dry flakes and helping shrink your pores so your foundation will look more flawless. Moisturizing before foundation will prep your skin for foundation so it’s smooth and moisturized and creates a layer between your skin and foundation so it will blend and sit better on the skin.

It seems like either your moisturizer isnt moisturizing enough (if youre even using any), you have dry skin or youre applying too much power. Or all 3! Using too much powder will also cause your skin to look cakey and dry.

BB Creams also arent very long wearing which will cause it to look muddy because it’s wearing off through out the day. I’d recommend a more long wearing foundation or using a foundation primer. Foundation primers act like glue sticking the foundation to your face so it won’t fade away. 

Attention my NYC followers, I’ll be in your fine city for the next few days in the soho/east village area any food, site seeing, etc recommendations will be appreciated! :)

Also apologies if I blog a little less!

I just recently started following you, (which I have to say I'm already obsessed with, haha) so you may have already talked about this before. But Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics just put out an all- star mini kit of their Lip Tars ($20 for 4) and I just got mine in the mail and it's INCREDIBLE! So pigmented and just perfect! Definitely great for anyone who loves lipwear! The kit comes with a neutral (memento), a pink (anime), red (NSFW), and vampy red (black dahlia). Definitely worth trying!

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Oooh I’ll def share & let my followers know! Lip tars are excellent quality. Seems like a great gift for Christmas coming up :)

Hey! So this is my first year living in an environment that, especially around this time of year, is extremely cold and windy. The wind is really drying out my face and i was wondering what you would recommend in terms or moisturizers or face masks that could help. Thanks!

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Hi there!

Check out my Dry Skin 101 post here

It will give you info all about good moisturizers, foundations, skin care, tips, etc! :)