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Hey do you have any tips that will help make my foundation look more natural? I have normal-dry skin. Before I put on my foundation I moisturize my face but my foundation (Makeup forever HD) still doesn't tend to look natural. Thank you!

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Hi there! I have a few tips on how to get your foundation to look as natural as possible :)

  • Use a damp sponge to apply foundation
  • Use a lightweight, liquidy formula
  • Use a foundation with a satin, slightly dewy finish
  • Use little to no powder

Using a damp sponge like the Beauty Blender ($20 at Sephora) is fabulous way to get a really natural finish. Since the sponge is slightly damp it will sheer out the foundation a bit making it look and feel more light weight and natural. Using a sponge gives a really smooth, airbrushed finish while some brushes can leave streaks or cake up and not be as flattering. I find using a “fancy” makeup sponge as opposed to the more affordable, use once and throw away ones give the best finish. You can find more affordable ones at Ulta or Target.


I find using a foundation that’s more water based or runny gives a more natural finish. They look and feel weightless on the skin so it won’t look caked up over the skin. You might want to try a water based foundation, water based foundations tend to be more runny while oil based foundations can be more thick. Some great water based foundations are Makeup Forever Face & Body, Chanel Vita Lumiere Aqua, Covergirl Clean Makeup, Loreal True Match Lumi.

You want to avoid being overly matte! Sometimes in an effort to be matte we apply too much powder and go for a matte foundation causing the skin to look dull and dry. Naturally, our skin has a little sheen and healthy glow so you want to mimic that with foundation. If your skin looks powdery it can be obvious you’re wearing makeup. So opt for translucent powder instead of pressed powder, or apply a super thin layer of powder or skip powder all together! 

I just got my first makeup job!! I'm excited, but I've never been great at eyeshadow, mainly because I have hooded lids and its hard to experiment on myself. I have a naked 3 palette and naked basic, but those are more brown based and I wear a lot of black. What palettes and brushes should I look into so I can expand my collection?!

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Aw, congrats!! :)

Some great investment brush sets/brush lines I recommend are

Sigma Mr Bunny Brush Kit

Sedona Lace Brush Set (comes with brush belt)

Some palettes I recommend to create more fun, yet still wearable looks are

Lorac Pro Palettes 1 & 2! Fav palette of all time, the colors are so creamy and a palette that actually has more than a few matte shades is rare. Matte shades can create a totally unique look so i’d definitely recommend trying out some all matte eyeshadow looks. The Lorac Pro Palettes do a great job at adding some color in there too like a deep navy, an emerald, a cranberry shade, etc. 


Urban Decay Electric Palette. Great high quality, bold colors to create some really fun looks!

Hi :) I was wondering what sunscreen would be best to use on the face that won't be oily or sticky or make me break out??

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Try Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch! However it does have a rep to break people out, but everyone’s skin is different and reacts to certain ingredients differently so I can’t really say what will and won’t break you out. This dries to a matte finish and feels super light weight, plus it’s affordable!


My all time fav is La Rochay Posay Ultra Light Facial Sunscreen, a little more pricey but at SPF 60 I would say it’s a great investment. Also super light weight, non greasy!

What's the difference between using synthetic brushes vs. real brushes?

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Synthetic brushes are best for cream and liquid products while natural hair brushes are best for powder products :)

Generally, synthetic brush hairs are too soft to pick up powder products causing things to go on too sheer or not very pigmented, however they are soft enough to blend out creamy products like foundation, concealer, cream blushes, etc. You can also use synthetic brushes for a light wash of a color for a sheer application. 

Natural hair brushes are a little less soft which helps powder stick the hair so you can get a better color pay off. Natural hair brushes are best for apply and blending out eyeshadow, applying powder blush and bronzer, applying face powder, etc. Natural hair brushes are usually all brown, black or white. 

Synthetic brushes are super soft the touch, their brush hairs are shiny (cause they are plastic/synthetic) and often come in “skunk” patterns fading from one color to another. Once you get a little more familiar with brushes differentiating the two will be easy :)