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Can you tell me about any "must have" mac lip sticks?

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It mainly depends on your skin tone and preferences but personally I think a few shades that will make great every day staples and can be used with a variety of looks are shades like

Cremecup (neutral baby pink, works well on light to medium skin tones)

Modesty (neutral pinky beige, works well on most skin tones)

Peach Blossom (newer shade, peachy pink, works best on lighter to medium skin tones)

Brave (dusty, mid tone pink, works well on most skin tones)

MAC also makes some fabulous bold shades like Diva (deep purple red), Impassioned (neon coral pink), Rebel (deep purple fuchsia), Ruby Woo (matte, blue red) and Vegas Volt (coral). 

Hi guys! I found this awesome video from Lisa Eldridge about the history of makeup from the 1940’s to the 1970’s that I really enjoyed! Maybe you guys might find it interesting as well :) 

This actually made me want to start a small vintage makeup collection, the compacts and lipstick tubes are just so stunning! You can find quite a large selection of new and used vintage makeup on etsy and ebay, I may or may not have just made a purchase ;)

I have so many questions ughh where do I start lol I just need emergency help on makeup. I'm a newbie at it ):

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For any newbies out there i’d recommend just taking a browse through my makeup tips/skincare tips links on the top of my page! I’ve made quite a few posts in the past few years on topics like filling in brows, applying foundation, must have brushes, etc. A whole bunch of basic makeup tips! So you can learn the makeup basics by just taking a read through the links :)

I also try to answer questions daily so hopefully you can learn a little bit from me day by day! 

I’d also recommend taking it slow! One of my mistakes as a makeup newbie was wearing too much makeup too fast when I really didn’t know anything. Start off with mascara and bb cream and slowly add in eyeliner, blush, bronzer, etc. This way you can really master one thing at a time. Just a tip :)

What are your thoughts on drugstore foundations?

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I really enjoy them! My top 3 favorite drugstore foundations are Loreal Magic Lumi, Garnier BB Cream for Oily/Combination skin and Covergirl 3 in 1 Outlast. I tend to use Loreal Magic Lumi and the Garnier BB Cream on days I won’t be out long but still want my skin to look nice such as a lunch date, errands, etc and would use Covergirl 3 in 1 for days I’ll be out all day like for a day of classes or something :)

Check out my post on drugstore foundations for your skin type here!

hello i was wondering how you get that shiny look on your highlighting areas ?

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Hi there :)

If you want a dewy/shiny look i’d recommend using a cream/liquid highlight. A liquid or cream highlight looks more wet and shiny. Liquid/creams will look more dewy rather than shimmery/frosty like powder highlighters that use more glitter/shimmer.

Try liquid/cream highlighters like Loreal Magic Lumi Primer (white/off white highlight), Revlon Photoready Skinlights (comes in more beige/gold shades) or Josie Maran Illuminator (pale gold shade). 

When highlighting the cheek bones you’ll want to bring it backwards up to the temples, even bringing it onto the brow bone. This will give a more natural, glowing look than just shimmery cheekbones. You can also apply cream/liquid highlighter down the bridge of the nose and on the upper lip/cupids bow for an all over dewy finish!


Hey non make up question but what photo editing app do you use for your Instagram photos?

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I use vsco! I don’t really use the filters mainly their editing tools.

I usually make my photos exposure/brightness higher, lower the temperature so it’s cooler not as warm/yellow and sharpen the picture just a bit so it’s more crisp. If I do use a filter i use HB1 and usually lowered so it’s not the full filter. I also make sure to use the HDR setting on my iPhone when taking pictures so the picture is decent quality to begin with :)

Hope this helped!

What's the difference between drugstore lipstick and more high end brands? I've always been curious about more expensive lipstick, but I'm worried about wasting money if I don't like it or if it's not much different that drugstore lipstick.

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Honestly, not much! You can find great lip colors at the drugstore and department stores. The only downside to the drugstore is you have to put in a little extra work to find good shades since a lot of times you cant test them/open them in store. So many drugstore shades are frosty/shimmery which personally, I don’t like. However you can find some GREAT creamy, bold shades from lines like Maybelline Vivid’s. Before I buy a shade from the drugstore I google the heck out of it to see swatches, how it looks on different skin tones, etc. This ensures I know exactly what I’m getting. I feel like every time I buy 10 lipsticks from the drugstore I don’t like/use 5, so doing your research will help ensure you’ll like the shade.

Check out my best drugstore lipsticks under $10 post here.

The only time i’d say it’s worth it to spend a lot on a lip product is if you were to buy an every day shade you would get a lot of use out of or a lip stain since lip stains can easily be hit or miss. Most of my “every day” shades are high end while my reds, purples, etc that I don’t wear as much are more affordable. So any shades you wear frequently, i’d say splurge a bit!

MAC lipsticks is really popular for being sort of “affordable high end”. Their lipstick shade selection is insane (in a good way) and most of their lipsticks are awesome quality. So having a few MAC lipsticks ($15 each) are a somewhat more affordable options since some drugstore lippys tend to go for around $10 now.