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How can I make my skin looks perfect with makeup and using the right products?

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To get a really smooth, flawless complexion you’ll need to not only care for the skin but also have good base products. Don’t forget to try to perfect your skin with skincare first and then makeup. Makeup isn’t a miracle worker (sadly) and won’t give you perfect skin if your skin already has significant problems. I’d recommend investing in and having a proper skincare routine making sure you wash off all your makeup at night (using a makeup wipe first or cleansing twice), exfoliate and moisturize every day.

But besides that I do have a few tips :)

  • Exfoliate. Uber important! This will make your skin baby soft so any makeup you apply over the skin will look a lot more flawless and smooth. Plus exfoliating helps with acne, dry skin, pores, uneven skin tone and texture, basically everything. I’d recommend using a more intense face scrub once a week or using a face brush like the Clarisonic when washing your face as an every day gentle exfoliation.  
  • Primer. Using a smoothing, perfecting primer that will fill in pores and almost create a second skin over your face will make your skin texture look a lot more even and “perfect” like you have no pores or bumps. Try a primer like ELF’s Mineral Infused Primer, Benefit Porefessional or  Loreal Youth Code Texture Pore Perfecter Vanisher.
  • A creamy, flawless foundation. You don’t want a foundation too matte or too dewy. Too matte can look dull and drying and too dewy can look greasy and oily. Go for a super creamy foundation that just glides over the skin. Foundations like Loreal Magic Lumi Foundation or Lancome Tient Miracle. 

Any recommendations on a good foundation that will glide over dry patches? & maybe a moisturizer that would help with the problem also? :3

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Check out my Dry Skin 101 post here! You can find a bunch of skincare and foundation tips/recommendations for dry skin :)

You want to stay away from really runny, liquidy foundations because since the formula is so light weight then tend to accentuate dry patches instead of gliding over them. You want to go for more creamy foundations that will glide over the skin!

Hi I absolutely loooovvveee the glowy/dewy skin look like karrueche and j lo but I can never find products to create the look. I tried bars sheer glow in Tahoe (didn't work) and I tried numerous highlighters that somewhat worked but not how I expected. Do you know of any foundations or highlighters that truly create a glow or dewy look?

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I love Karrueche’s glowing skin!

I think for the look you’re going for you’d like liquid illuminators! You can mix them with foundation on the back of your hand to create a really luminous, dewy foundation. They give your face an all over glow. You can mix in as little or as much liquid illuminator depending on how dewy you want to look :)

Some great liquid illuminators to mix with foundation are

MAC Lustre Drops


Josie Maran Argan Luminizer

Revlon Photoready Skin Lights

Loreal True Match Lumi Primer

What are some ways to contour my nose. I want it to look skinnier. It's bulbous and when I smile my nostrils stretch a little. What products do I use and how do I do that? If it helps, I'm African American.

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When contouring your nose you’ll need a few things

  • A small eyeshadow brush, I prefer having a shadow brush and a blending brush one to apply the product and one to blend.
  • A matte grey brown bronzer or shadow. You can also use a cream/liquid concealer or foundation! You don’t want your contouring product to be too warm/orange you want it to be more grey/taupe so it looks more like a natural shadow.

For contouring my nose and contouring in general I LOVE NYX Taupe, it’s a cool taupey, brown. When I use this to contour my nose it always looks super soft and natural!

You use a small brush (I prefer using the thin side of a shader brush) down the sides of the nose then going in with a fluffy blending brush to blend out the harsh line. You can bring the line up the front of the brows for a super slim look.

You also want to make sure to contour the tip of the nose, this makes the tip look more pointed and balances out the thinner nose bridge. 


Is nyx good quality makeup? Because I know its really cheap. So?

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I love NYX! Affordable but definitely of better quality than most drugstore brands :)

Some NYX products I love and recommend are their

  • Butter Lipsticks
  • Butter Glosses
  • Powder Blushes
  • Rouge Cream Blushes
  • Matte Bronzer
  • Illuminator Powder Highlighters 
  • Matte Lipsticks
  • Soft Matte Lip Creams
  • Black Label Lipsticks
  • Studio Glitter Liners
  • Nude Matte Shadows
  • Concealer Wands