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i am looking for a nice, non oily, easy to apply foundation for my skin tone to have any idea, color, brand, or advice on picking the right foundation for me

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I can’t exactly help you with picking a shade but some non oily, easy to apply foundations are

  • Loreal True Match (wide shade selection, good coverage, light weight)
  • Covergirl Clean Foundation (i’d recommend the oil free one, blue label)
  • Makeup Forever Mat Velvet Plus (light weight, easy to apply, oil free, good coverage)
  • NARS Sheer Matte (light weight, sheer coverage, good for medium/warm skin tones)

All these foundations are great beginner foundations for a more semi matte, non oily look. They are light weight so they won’t make you look cakey or feel heavy on the skin. All these can be applied with your hands and are great for every day! :)

Hi guys! Incase you were unaware I have a twitter account for makeup lovers unite! I post tips, updates on collections & new products and my own personal makeup rambling… 


Hi guys! Incase you were unaware I have a twitter account for makeup lovers unite! I post tips, updates on collections & new products and my own personal makeup rambling…


Hi I'm looking for a highlighter for medium yellowish skin tones that I relatively cheap? Preferably under 20. I'm not really sure what tones would look more natural and less artificial for a medium tone skin. The last one I used kind of looked like I smeared silver eye shadow above my cheek bones, not cute!

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There are two main kinds of highlighters, cool toned ones and warm toned ones. Cool toned highlighters look more pinky, silver and white while warm toned highlighters look more beige and gold. Usually those with more fair skin go for the paler, cool toned highlighters and more medium, golden skin tones go for a more warm highlight :)

Try highlighters like

ELF Gotta Glow $3 (pale gold shade)

Hard Candy Tiki $9 (beige with gold shimmer)

Revlon Photoready Skinlight in Bare Light $13 (cream/liquid highlight)

Wet n Wild Reserve Your Cabana $4 (very natural looking highlight, not too shimmery)

What is all the hype about Ben nye banana powder? What does the yellow color do for your face? And if it is worth purchasing; on which skin tones would it work best on?

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The Ben Nye Banana Powder is definitely suited for medium to dark skin tones! A lot of medium to deeper skin tones like a yellow toned highlight under the eyes or on other areas of the face to highlight. Yellow is brightening and the Banana powder can be great for setting a light under eye concealer keeping the light color prominent keeping that highlighted effect. However if you have a more fair skin tone the Banana powder can just come off too yellow, but they do have other shades!

All the Ben Nye Luxury Powders are very light weight, semi translucent powders. They won’t provide much coverage but they won’t look white in flashback like some translucent powders since they arent stark white. They also have more colors than the popular Banana shade so if you are more fair skin i’d recommend trying Cameo or Buff

The Ben Nye Luxury Powders are super light weight and silky and can be used all over as a light setting powder or under the eyes/to highlight the face. Depending on your skin tone you can use Banana under your eyes like Kim K as a yellow toned highlight or all over the face if you’re a more light medium skin tone. 

What would you recommend for a person who bought a shade or two darker foundation than their normal skin tone to do? Today I bought Revlon ColorStay Whipped and I'm really pleased with it but the jar was lighter than the actual foundation. I can't return it due to the store's policy. Any tips on applying or contouring with that certain shade? Lol I'm kinda stuck here. I'd appreciate it thou (: xox.

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A few things you can do to make a darker shade of foundation work!

  1. Use it on the outer edges of the face & in the hollow of the cheeks and use a lighter shade or even a shade your own skin tone in the middle of the face. When it’s all blended out it will give your face a more dimensional look not too flat like using one shade all over will. 
  2. Use it as a light cream bronzer/contour
  3. Mix it with a lighter foundation on the back of your hand to create a color closer to your skin tone.
  4. Use a lighter powder over top to make the color seem a little less dark.
  5. Use more under eye concealer than usual and bring it further down your face onto your cheeks, this will lighten up the face a bit.
  6. Blend it down your neck onto your chest so your face won’t look abnormally dark.

You might end up needing a darker shade after summer anyway so don’t give up hope! :)

What are those colored balls in one of the pics you reblogged. I must know.

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Guerlain Meteorites! They are a very natural looking setting powder, almost translucent. They give the skin a slight sheen, slight coverage and have a brightening effect. Some of the shades are more pink and can be used as a natural looking blush. Some are skintone, some are multi colored and some are blush shades :)

A more affordable option is Physicians Formula Pearls of Perfection. They have skintone/translucent shades, blush shades and bronzer shades. Their skintone shade is more translucent than the Guerlain one which has a little more coverage.

These setting powders, blushes/bronzers are great for those with dry skin  or those who don’t want a super matte, cakey setting powder these go on silky and have a brightening effect without being shimmery. The blush/bronzer shades go on very light and natural looking too giving a “glowing from within” blushing look!