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I want to buy a brush set from Morphe brushes and I don't know what's the best set! My budget is $100 and I don't know the difference between synthetic, sable, and vegan :(

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Hi there!

If I were to recommend one brush set from Morphe I would recommend the 682 11 Piece Pro Sable Brush Set! I think it has the best mix of brushes because it has synthetic and natural hair brushes :)

I’ll help break down the brush lingo for you!

Synthetic brushes are made from man made materials like plastic so they are super soft. If the brush hairs as really shiny it’s a sign they are synthetic. Synthetic brushes work great with cream and liquid products like foundation, cream blushes, concealer, etc. However sometimes synthetic brushes can be too soft for powder so I tend to stay away from synthetic eye brushes because the powder doesn’t really stick to the brush.

Natural hair brushes which they seem to be calling “sable” are made with animal hair and natural materials. The brush hairs tend to be less shiny because they arent man made. These brushes don’t tend to be as soft, some can even be scratchy if they arent good ones. They work best with powder like blushes, bronzer, face powder, etc. I prefer using natural hair brushes for the eyes.

Vegan brushes are made with no animal products like animal hair so they are synthetic. There is a large market for animal friendly/cruelty free cosmetics. Same pros and cons as synthetic brushes. 

I just found your blog and have gone completely nuts! I love it! What might be some really good medium-light coverage foundations for freckled girls? I love my freckles and still want them to be visible but want to cover up blemishes at the same time :-)

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For your problem I would recommend a light weight BB Cream or foundation then spot concealing any blemishes :)

This way the majority of your skin (and your fabulous freckles) will shine through but any blemishes will be concealed. Any foundation with enough coverage to cover acne will most likely cover your freckles so spot concealing will be your friend! This method of applying foundation is best for anyone wanting super natural looking foundation yet still being able to cover troubled areas.

You want to apply a thin layer of foundation or BB Cream all over the skin then go in with a concealer on any blemishes. You can use your finger or a brush to blend it out. You also want to set any areas you applied concealer with powder because you don’t want the concealer to fade away through out the day. I find pressing/patting the powder over the areas with concealer will help add coverage and set the concealer without rubbing it away.

Try long wearing, pigmented concealers like MAC Pro Longwear Concealer, Loreal True Match Crayon Concealer (great for spot concealing), Revlon Photoready Concealer, Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Concealer.

Do you know any good coral or peach colored blushes? Soft colors

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Sure! :)

Try blushes like

Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso (or Corallina which is a bright coral but beautiful when applied in a sheer layer)


MAC Springsheen (similar to NARS Orgasm but more pigmented)

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Bissful

Loreal True Match Blush in Innocent Flush (very subtle peachy color)

NYX Blush in Coral Dream

Clinique Pop Blush in Peach Pop

Hi, I'm having a problem with my makeup. I have really oily skin so by the end of the day most of my makeup has disappeared and there is no coverage whatsoever. Is there anything you would recommend to make my makeup say on longer throughout the day? I've tried lots of things like setting sprays, primers, different foundations but the ones I used didn't really help. Any products that you would recommend ? Please answer :) and ps. I love you blog :*

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Since you’ve tried so many makeup products i’d recommend venturing out into skin care to help with oily skin :)

A lot of people don’t realize instead of trying to control oily skin with makeup you can help prevent it by using the right skin care! Your pores produce more oil if they are enlarged and clogged. So focus on keeping your pores tight and clean so they’ll be happy and healthy and not over produce oil :)

You want to aim for foaming cleansers, clay masks, pore refining/oil controlling toners, oil controlling lotions, etc.

Foaming cleansers are a bit more drying on the skin they soak up all the excess oils and dirt. I would recommend using a foaming cleanser in the morning (not at night because you don’t want to try out your skin) so through out the day your skin will be clean and oil free.

Toners can be used after your cleanser and can help purify the pores so you wont produce as much oil during the day. Go for toners like Keihls Rare Erath Pore Refining Toner ($21), Murad Clarifying Toner ($22), Origins Zero Oil Purifying Toner ($21), Boots Botanics Shine Away Mattifying Toner ($5 at Target), Dickinson’s Pore Perfecting Witch Hazel ($5)

Clay Masks can be used once or twice a week to help shrink the pores and deep clean. Remember small pores means less oil production. Try Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Mask, super cheap at CVS, Walmart, Walgreens and Ulta!

Exfoliation helps with declogging your pores because it scrubs away any dead skin clogging the pores or getting in the way of your skin care working. You want to go in with a face scrub, face cleansing brush (like the Clarisonic) or use a chemical exfoliant to keep the skin smooth and clear.

Oil Controlling Moisturizers will help moisturizer during the day as well as help control oil. Try oil controlling lotions like Murad Oil Control Mattifier ($39) or Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Control Moisturizer ($16).

hi! I've just recently started wearing foundation/concealer but I noticed that it's making my acne (when I get it) worse. Is there any concealers or foundations that you recommend that might be a little better for my skin?

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Try foundations like

  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation (more natural ingredients, shouldn’t be irritating on the skin like others)
  • Cover FX Total Cream Cover Foundation or their BB Gel w/ Anti Blemish Treatment (the whole Cover FX brand is made for those with acne!)
  • Neutrogena Skin Clearing Foundation 
  • Maybelline BB Cream Pure with Salicylic Acid (new in stores, good for days you want lighter coverage)
  • Bare Minerals Matte (mineral makeup is always a little better on the skin, matte version is better than the original for those with acne)

A few other things that can cause break outs or make break outs worse when wearing makeup are

  • Not fully washing all your makeup off
  • Using dirty brushes

Make sure you take your time when washing your face or even wash your face twice! Once to remove your makeup and once to clean the skin. Or you can use a makeup remover wipe to remove the bulk of makeup and then wash your face. A lot of people don’t fully remove all their makeup before bed which can clog your pores.

Also don’t forget to wash your makeup brushes once a week especially foundation brushes! If you have severe acne you might want to wash your foundation brush after every use to avoid spreading bacteria.

Good luck! :)