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How To Start An Eyeshadow Look

When creating an eyeshadow look…where do you start?

I like to start by asking myself if I want a warm or cool look. When creating an eyeshadow look I like to keep the tones in the same family by using all cool toned eyeshadows or using all warm toned shadows. Sticking with one tone helps the look come together looking more uniform because all the eyeshadows stick to the same undertone.

Cool toned shadows tend to be more ash based like taupes, greys, ash browns, pinks and purples.


Warm toned shadows tend to be orange and red based like golds, coppers, bronzes, peaches, corals and reddish browns.


After you’ve decided what color palette to play off of, choose your finishes! Eyeshadow finishes range from matte (no shimmer, flat), satin (slight shimmer), shimmery, metallic, frosty (extremely shimmery), duo chrome (two colors in one, varies with lighting), etc. You can even use cream and liquid shadows for a wet, glossy look. It’s best to use a variety of finishes so they don’t clash. For example, using all shimmery shades will cause all the shades to mush together and just look like a shimmer/glitter mess. Adding some more matte/satin shades breaks up the look so you can see the contrast between shadows. 

From left to right: Matte, Satin, Shimmer, Cream (wet, glossy finish)


After you’ve chosen your color palette and finishes, you can start creating eyeshadow looks! With knowing the basics of creating an eyeshadow look all your looks will look a little more put together. Good luck and have fun! :)

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hi i'm going to my first year of college soon and i was wondering what things in your opinion are must-haves for school?

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Hi there! Good luck on your first year of college! I’m a third year now and college is really fun :)

For long days of classes I think having a good long wearing foundation is vital! Try some long wearing foundations like

  • Estee Lauder Double Wear (they make a light version w/ light to medium coverage)
  • Covergirl 3 in 1 Outlast 
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hr Foundation

If you’re living in the dorms like I did you might want a BB Cream to throw on and walk to class. BB Creams are super easy to apply you can even use your hands and walk out the door. Try long wearing BB Creams like

  • Garnier BB Cream for Oily/Combination Skin
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Glow All Day BB Cream
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer

I also love tinted lip balms for a day of classes! Easy to reapply during class, adds some color to the lips and moisturizes because sometimes classes can be super cold and dry your lips out! Try tinted lip balms like

  • Maybelline Baby Lips
  • Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment (fav!)
  • Maybelline Color Whispers
  • Revlon Lip Butters
  • Tarte Lip Surgence

You may also want to have a good touch up powder! Personally, I prefer pressed translucent powder as touch up powders because they add no coverage so it never looks cakey. Sometimes touching up with your normal pressed powder can look a little cakey. Try pressed translucent powders like

  • MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Pressed Powder 
  • Makeup Forever HD Pressed Powder
  • Urban Decay De Slick Mattifying Powder 
  • NYX Blotting Powder (hint of coverage)
  • Rimmel Stay Matte in Transparent

Can you recommend me some lightweight foundations for combination skin? I really want to buy the Nars sheer glow foundation but I heard it isn't very long lasting, ugh!! I have a neutral undertone and very fair skin, usually everything for fair skin has a pink undertone :(

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Try foundations like

  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Light (the original formula is pretty light weight too)
  • Dior Skin Forever Flawless Perfection Wear (all time fav for combo skin, long wearing yet gives the skin a slight glow)
  • Loreal True Match
  • Urban Decay Naked
  • Garnier BB Cream for Oily/Combination Skin 

All these are super light weight on the skin with a good medium coverage. They arent matte but they arent super glowy either, great for combination skin :)

Hello ! Your blog gives me so much life ! What are some of your favorite skin serums ?

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Thanks babe!!

Personally I like serums that are resurfacing so your skin is more smooth, radiant and even in texture and skin tone. Some of my favs are

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair $62. This one is great for all skin types and is a cult favorite. It helps my skin clear up if i’m breaking out, it makes my skin more smooth, it gently hydrates, it’s just a great all in one serum! 


The Body Shop Drop Of Youth $36 (currently on sale for $21!). Another great basic serum to make your skin more smooth, more radiant, more nourished. A little more affordable than some other serums. The Vitamin E Serum $21 (on sale for $12) is also great! I love The Body Shop for more affordable yet high quality skin care.


Dr Dennis Gross Clinical Concentrate Radiance Booster $68. 


Dr Dennis Gross Ferulic Acid + Retinol Brightening Solution $85. This is more of a treatment/serum and I wouldn’t recommend this for continuous use for the rest of your life. This is an intense, fast working serum that will give you new skin after you finish the bottle. This is great if you’re having serious problems with your skin like I was having at the time. It basically got rid of the first few layers of skin so all my acne scars, acne, large pores were diminished and I was left with smooth, radiant skin. They also make little packets of their Alpha Beta Peel that are around $15 with 5 uses that give a similar effect that I like to use when my skin is particularly bad.


This blog is mostly about make up but it's also important to have a good canvass :) can you share some of your skin care tips please ?

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Completely agree! I’m a total skin care addict lol

I have a few more in depth posts under my Skin Care Tips on the top of my page, but i’ll briefly share some of my essential tips.

  • Exfoliate. Exfoliating once a week with a face scrub, daily with a face cleansing brush like the clarisonic will buff away any dead, dry skin so your skin will be more smooth, radiant and even. Exfoliating will help your skin care work better because theres no dead, dull skin blocking the way so your pores can get a deeper clean. Your makeup will go on more smooth and flawless because the texture of your skin will be more smooth and less bumpy. It will help shrink pores. Basically, exfoliating is vital for good skin! 
  • Serums. I like to keep the rest of my skin care more gentle with a basic cleanser and moisturizer and splurge on a serum. Serums are super concentrated with ingredients like vitamin c, retinol, vitamin e, etc. Serums are basically like super products with a bunch of potent ingredients. There are different serums for different skin needs, some are more moisturizing, some are anti aging, some fade dark spots while others will just give you more smooth, radiant skin. 
  • Cleanse Your Face Twice. If you’re wearing a lot of makeup, chances are you’re not fully cleansing your skin. It’s best to use a makeup wipe to remove the bulk of your makeup first and then cleanse the skin, double cleanse or follow with a toner on a cotton pad to remove any excess makeup and dirt left behind. You don’t need to do this is the morning, just when you’re wearing makeup!
  • Clay Masks. I like to deep clean my skin once or twice a week with a good purifying, clay mask. This helps pull out all the gunk in my pores!
  • Night Creams. Even if you have oily skin, using a thicker moisturizer at night like a cream will make your skin more supple and moisturized. When your skin is properly moisturized it will produce less oil, your skin will repair it’s self quicker and in the long run your skin will stay tight and prevent wrinkles. In the day time I like to use a light weight moisturizer but at night I go for a thicker cream, when I wake up my skin is glowing and makeup goes on super smooth!