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Hi! So, I'm still in high school, but I really want to become a makeup artist. I think it's my calling. However, I REALLY don't know where to start. I'm building a kit and a portfolio, but I don't really know what else there is for me to do!!

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Hi babe! 

Check out my post on how to become a makeup artist here :)

Do you know of any great hair masks? Or any DIY hair masks to make at home? Also, how many times can I use a hair mask? Is it just once a week or month? Thanks :)

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Generally using a hair treatment/mask should be used about once a week or twice a month depending on how damaged your hair is. You could use it more often than that if your hair is pretty damaged but it can make your hair oily if used near the roots too often :)

You can make your own hair masks with many things!

  • Mayonnaise (full of natural fats for shine and moisture)
  • Olive oil (oils sink into the hair for instant shine and moisture)
  • Egg yolk (protein for strong hair),
  • Avocado (natural fats for shine and moisture)
  • Coconut oil (light weight oil sinks into thirsty, dry strands)

You can choose one or a few to use at a time by mixing up your own little concoction. All these ingredients will soak up best if the ingredients are warm/room temperature so take any cold ingredients out of the fridge prior to using. Let them soak into your hair for a good amount of time, the longer the better! 

My personal favorite hair masks that you can buy are

Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Hair Masque, by far my fav! Makes my hair healthy, shiny and soft. Been my go to hair repair mask for years. Probably my favorite hair care brand in general their leave in oil is also my go to hair oil/serum!

A great drugstore hair mask would have to be the Loreal Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm. A great affordable, repairing hair mask!

What is a good eye cream and how often should I apply it?

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It depends what sort of eye cream you’re looking for really. Some are mainly just moisturizing and some have more potent anti aging ingredients or ingredients to fight under eye circles. You cant go wrong with a basic, hydrating eye cream because you mainly want to keep the area hydrated so it stays firm and supple as you age. Eye cream should be applied once or twice every day. I only use it at night :)

I think the most important thing to know is how to apply eye cream. Applying eye cream incorrectly can do more damage even though you’re using an eye cream! You want to apply eye cream very gently in dabbing, never rubbing or tugging, motions gently pressing the eye cream into the skin. Bring some of the eye cream up to the brow bone, this ensures that area stays moisturized and doesn’t sag as the years go on. Getting the crows feet on the side of the eyes is important too so you don’t want to miss that area. Don’t apply eye cream on your eye lids unless the eye cream says to do so, our eye lids naturally produce oil so that area is already moisturized. 

As for eye creams I recommend a basic hydrating and brightening eye cream, a well hydrated under eye area will keep the skin around your eyes looking fresh and supple for years to come :)

  • Origins Eye Doctor Eye Cream $35
  • Clinique All About Eyes Rich $30
  • Kiehls Creamy Avocado Eye Treatment $28
  • Burts Bee’s Radiance Eye Cream $12
  • Loreal Advanced Revitalift Eye Cream $13-$17

Should I line my lips when I wear nude colored lipsticks

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Personally, I think yes!

I think using a darker beige nude lip liner will give the lips some dimension because some nude lipsticks can make the lips look flat. The darker nude lip liner look is actually really in right now and is great for not letting your lips disappear when wearing nude lips. If you’re using a flesh tone, pale nude lipstick sometimes it can make your lips look smaller and blend in with the face. This tip also helps your lips look fuller! 

You can use a darker nude lip liner all over the lips and place a lighter nude lipgloss or lipstick in the middle of the lips or you can just outline before or after, just make sure to blend the line in with the lipstick you don’t want a harsh line :)