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How are you supposed to use the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders?

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They are setting powders or subtle highlighters, depending on how you want to use them! 

Some are more shimmery than others but Dim Light and Diffused Light are meant to be used more like setting powders. They provide little to no extra coverage and give a slight sheen to the skin and have “perfecting” properties to make your skin look as if it is in dim lighting, hence the name Dim Light :)

Think of them as fancy translucent powders. They are great if you want a more radiant, non mattifying finishing powder. Gives your face an all over glow without using shimmer/highlighter. 

Hi what's the difference between a normal brow and a gradient brow?

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A gradient brow fades from light to dark, sort of like an ombre. Creating a gradient brow is great for natural looking brows because naturally our eyebrows are more sparse and not as full in the beginning of the brow. Sometimes a brow that is too dark or boxy at the front can look “drawn on”. You might have seen a lot of makeup artists and people on Instagram use this method :)

Ways to get a gradient brow

  • Use a lighter and darker brow shade, use the lighter shade to fill in the front of the brow and use the darker shade to fill in the arch and end. Just make sure to blend the two shades together and not have a noticeable line between the two shades.
  • Use a super light hand when filling in the front of the brow. Since you want the front of the brow to be lighter you want to apply very little pressure when filling in the front of the brow so only a little of the brow product is applied. 
  • Outline the top and bottom of the brow with your brow pencil, powder, etc and fill in between your outline keeping most of the filling in towards the end/arch and using a light hand in the front. Outlining your brow first will keep definition in the front of the brow yet not make them too dark since you’re not completely filling them in.

Using pencil, gel, powder, etc doesn’t matter so use whatever you’re currently using :)

I'm not sure if this is a weird question or not, but every time I put concealer on under my eyes and do the triangle thing that Kim K is famous for, and then add foundation like normal and contour, my face still looks super pale compared to my body. Could you tell me why/how to fix this? Because my foundation is the same color as my body definitely, but when I add extra concealer it just makes my whole face look pale. Thanks so much!!

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When trying to highlight your face either all over or under the eyes some things to keep in mind are

  • Use something light weight, using a super heavy full coverage concealer to highlight can be tricky to blend out
  • Don’t use a concealer/foundation/cream too light for your skin tone, keep it one to two shades lighter than your skin tone
  • Blend, blend, blend!

The problem might be using too much concealer or using a concealer/highlighter thats too pigmented. Often times when people highlight their skin they use something thats a little more brightening and sheer so it blends out easily not looking extremely pale. If you use a really full coverage concealer or foundation to highlight it will be a lot harder to blend it out. Try using a more light weight concealer/highlighter like MAC’s Prep & Prime Highlighting Pen (comes in 3 shades), Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Under Eye Concealer, Loreal Magic Lumi Concealer, etc. All these are super light weight so when you go to blend it out they will still look brightening but not too pale :)

Also it seems like you’re concealing under your eyes then applying foundation over which I wouldn’t really recommend because you might be applying more concealer than needed. Go in with a layer of foundation and apply a small amount of concealer after, this way you’re able to add more if you need it letting you control how light you want the under eye to be. It’s also a lot easier to blend your concealer into your foundation when applying over it.

When blending out under eye concealer or face highlighting I like to use a fancy sponge that meant to be washed and used over and over like the Beauty Blender, Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge, Real Technique’s Sponge or even the cosmetic sponges that come in bulk for super cheap (but they are one time use sponges). The trick is to use them wet, squeeze out as much water as possible so they are slightly damp and blend out. This creates a really airbrushed effect and does all the blending for you. 

I am a complete amateur with make up so what do I need to start off with? Stuff I can maybe get at the drugstore?

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Check out my Makeup Starter Kit Guide here!

You may also like my Drugstore Best of the Best post to help you pick out some drugstore products to try which you can find here :)

Hello! So my makeup tends to look a little powdery, and I'm looking for some products or techniques to help this. I currently use revlon color stay and elfs hd translucent powder. I also have dry skin, so I'm thinking I need a powder that looks a little smoother to set my foundation so I can really achieve that natural or even sometimes dewy look instead of powdery or cakey. I typically even let my foundation set for a while before applying powder as well without results. Any suggestions?

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Hi! :)

Well first off, Revlon Colorstay is a pretty heavy duty so it can look pretty cakey if you don’t apply it in a certain way. So you might want to switch to a more light weight foundation unless you really prefer that foundation.

Some things i’d recommend for you are

Using a setting spray

A setting spray will help the foundation sort of melt into the skin taking away any powdery finish. ELF’s Setting Spray, NYX’s Setting Spray, Urban Decay All Nighter and MAC’s Fix Plus are all great setting sprays.

Spray the setting spray about 12 inches from your face, not too close to the skin or it could mess up your makeup! 

Using a damp sponge to apply foundation

This is great especially for your dry skin because it adds a little extra moisture when used damp. Also great for getting your foundation to look really natural because the dampness from the sponge sheers out your foundation a bit making it more light weight on the skin. The sponge presses the foundation into the skin making it look more airbrushed as opposed to a brush possibly creating brush streaks. The pointed end makes it great for blending out under eye concealer and getting into the crevasses. 

You can use cheaper triangle sponges you can get at any drugstore that are meant to be used once or you can buy a “fancy” makeup sponge that is meant to be use washed and reused over and over.

Sonia Kashuk (sold at Target), Real Techniques and Beauty Blender all make great “fancy” makeup sponges. Just make sure to use them slightly damp, squeeze out as much water as possible before you use them to apply foundation you don’t want them too wet.