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Hey Michelle! I'm Isadora, I'm from Brazil and I will travel to New York in few months! I really need you to help me! I wanna do a list of all the products that I must have! A great foundation, and all these makeup stuffs!!! Thank you, and I hope you can help me! Xo

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Hi :)

I have a Best of the Best Drugstore Products post which you can find here, all of these products are US drugstore products!

i looked at your faq, but can't figure out what to do... i use maybelline fit me liquid foundation as a base & then apply sephora powder foundation on top after the liquid, but it's starting to look really cakey and almost like the two are mixing together and kind of looks like freckles? it's hard to explain, but what would you suggest to have a natural full coverage w/o both making my skin look cakey and having the two mix together? (need full coverage as i have blemishes) thanks SO much!! <3

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Hi babe check out my post on how to avoid looking cakey here. You might also like my post on how to flawless yet natural looking coverage which you can find here.

P.s to anyone with questions please check my FAQ and Makeup Tips link on the top of my page you can find many help tips and posts there! :)

Hii! Could you please recommend the best makeup (specifically foundation and blushes) that are best for acne prone skin? I have a few acne and they increase and get worse when I use makeup.. Thank youu! xxx

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I’d recommend skin friendly brands and all natural brands like Tarte (all natural), Physicians Formula (all natural), Clinique, Neutrogena, Cover FX. These brands aim to have more “healthy” makeup for your skin. Look for foundations that are non-comedogenic, fragrance free, gluten, mineral oil free, and talc free. All these ingredients can be pore clogging, when having acne prone skin you want to do your research and find out what breaks you out so you know what to avoid :)

I can’t say exactly what won’t break out your skin because everyone’s skin is different and everyone reacts different to different ingredients. So make sure to do your research and maybe try out organic, all natural brands which you can find at some healthy food stores like Whole Foods which has a huge all natural beauty selection!

Some foundations that won’t be irritating are

  • Bare Minerals Mineral Powder Foundation
  • Bare Minerals Pure Brightening Serum Liquid Foundation
  • Neutrogena Skin Clearing Liquid Foundation
  • Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Fundation
  • Cover FX BB Cream with Anti Blemish Treatment
  • Cover FX Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation

More tips when it comes to makeup and acne prone skin

  • Wash your brushes weekly, sometimes after each use if you have acne prone skin. Using dirty brushes almost guarantees bacteria spreading causing acne. 
  • Apply a thin layer of foundation and spot conceal with concealer areas that need more coverage that the foundation didn’t cover. This way you’re not having a thick layer of makeup all over the skin which can clog pores. 
  • Wash your face twice at night to make sure you remove all your makeup. Once to wash off the makeup and a second time to cleanse the skin. You can also use a makeup wipe to remove makeup and then wash your face to cleanse your skin. Sometimes washing your skin once doesn’t remove all your makeup causing you to sleep in makeup and break out.