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What's your favorite drugstore mascara??

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My favorite all around mascara is Maybelline Falsies! :)

However I love layering mascaras to sort of mold them into my dream mascara or how I want my lashes to look that day. For example for a day look i’ll apply more lengthening mascara and a little bit of a volumizing mascara over top and for a night look apply two layers of each.

It’s also good to know what sort of formulas and brushes will give what effect. A more wet mascara is usually more black and dramatic meanwhile a drier formula mascara will look more soft. Rubber brush heads will be more separating as opposed to more bristley brush heads which will be more dramatic but more prone to clumping. 

Some of my favorite drugstore mascaras on their own or used to layer are

  • Jordana Best Lash Extreme $3 (super black and volumizing)
  • Loreal Telescopic $7 (super lengthening, dramatic wet formula)
  • Loreal Miss Manga Mascara $7 (volumizing, great for thin lashes)
  • Maybelline Megaplush (dry formula, very soft look)

could you recommend some good drugstore false lashes?

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To me a good pair of lashes isnt too shiny/black, has a thin and/or clear lash band and looks a little unperfect. Anything too shiny and perfect looking can look a little too fake so I like lashes where the lash hairs criss cross and are uneven in length looking more flirty and natural :)

Some of my favorite drugstore false lashes are

Ardell Demi Wispies $3-4 at Target, CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid. Super flirty and girly because the lash hairs criss cross looking perfectly unperfect and are longer at the ends! Great natural glam lashes.


Kiss has a great new line of Looks So Natural lashes with really wispy, fluttery lashes! $4 each at CVS, Walmart and Walgreens.


Hi! Whats a great dupe for the beauty blender? I hear nothing really works like the original beauty blender itself, but I know there's a dupe for everything. if you ask me the beauty blender is too expensive but I just can't find this one's dupe. Help?

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The closest “dupes” I’ve found are the Sonia Kashuk Sponge and the Real Technique Sponge! They arent exact dupes but you can still get the same overall finish as the beauty blender :)

Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge $10 at Target


Real Techniques Complexion Sponge $6 at Ulta, Walmart, Kohls, Walgreens and CVS

Hey I'm thinking about getting a clarisonic and was wondering if it would be worth it or if you had any experience with them.

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I LOVE my clarisonic! I can tell I love it by the difference in my skin when I stop using it. Sometimes I’ll forget to use it for a few weeks and my skin starts to feel and look dull and almost clogged up and congested and I’ll use the clarisonic and my skin looks more radiant, feels more smooth and feels so much more clean!

It gently exfoliates every day to give my skin a glow, makes my skin feel smooth and clean, gets rid of dead skin to give me a more even complexion over time, deep cleans my pores to make them appear smaller, helps with acne. The only downside really is it can be rough on the skin if you over use it, get the wrong brush head or if you have really sensitive skin. You might break out at first which i’ll go more in depth below. 

Some tips I have when using the Clarisonic

  • Take off your makeup and then use the clarisonic with a cleanser. You don’t want to use your clarisonic directly over makeup because it’ll stain and dirty the brush hairs. I recommend double cleansing when wearing makeup anyway for a thorough cleanse. I like to use a makeup wipe to remove the bulk of my makeup then cleanse my skin with my cleanser and clarisonic. This will help your brush hairs stay clean and sanitized longer.
  • Change your brush head every 3 months. Your brush head can build up bacteria similar to why you have to change your toothbrush and shower loofa every couple of months. 
  • Use it once a day or once every other day. I find when I use it morning and night it’s a little rough on my skin and I don’t even have sensitive skin. Overly exfoliating can cause your skin to become irritated, dry and cause breakouts.
  • You MIGHT breakout when using the clarisonic at first. Many people dislike the clarisonic for that reason but what it’s doing is purging your skin. It’s gently exfoliating and getting a deeper clean so all of the gunk in your pores is coming to the surface. Once the purging phase is done your pores will look a lot more tight and clean!