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Hi! I am moving into a new apartment with a small small small bathroom. :/ I have been thinking about getting a vanity to set up in my new bedroom to free up some space so my fiancé can have some space as well. Lol :) I am looking for a make-up station type set up; but I'm lost at wear to start! Do you have any suggestions, ideas, or the ability to point me in the right direction! Thanks! :)

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First I would suggest a vanity with drawers! I had two vanities and the one with a drawer fit a lot more and keeps the top of my vanity more organized :)

Ikea Malm Dressing Table.

 it’s pretty thin and long. You can fit A LOT in the large drawer and can get really affordable inside storage like bins and baskets from the dollar store!

Acrylic/Clear Organizers

As for storage on top, a really sleek and modern way of storing makeup is by using a clear/acrylic organizer. They can definitely be on the expensive side but the best more affordable ones I’ve seen/used are the Muji ones. They are around $20 a piece and you can stack them! Get them here. However you can get more affordable small desk drawers in the office section at Target, Walmart, etc.

I have the thin 5 drawers and 2 thicker drawers stack on top of each other!

Lori Greiner Table Top Spinning Organizer

Great for on top of a vanity. It spins for easy accessibility and can fit a lot of makeup! It’s around $30 here

Brush Storage

For brushes you can put them in mason jars, old candle jars, glass cups, etc. Anything really! You can put beads, rice, stones, etc in the brush glasses to keep them up right.