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So every time I apply either a foundation or powder or both to my face, I always get this weird unnatural finish. Am I using too much product? Am I not blending properly?

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It could be a few things!

  • Too matte. If youre using a powder or foundation thats super matte your skin can look a little dull. Our skin naturally has a little sheen to it. Avoid using too much powder (even try no powder) and avoid using a super matte foundation, go for  foundation more creamy and not as dry. If you do use a matte foundation add a little glow and life back into the skin by using a setting spray, applying a shimmery highlighter on the cheek bones, mixing liquid luminizer into your foundation on the back of your hand, etc. 
  • Not blending the product into your skin properly. If you don’t blend your foundation enough it can look like it’s just sitting on top of the skin instead of becoming one with the skin. I’d suggest using a flat top kabuki/synthetic brush to really buff the foundation in.
  • Not using a moisturizer under your foundation. If you’re not using a moisturizer the foundation can cling onto dry patches, sink into pores, overall just not look as nice and smooth on the skin. 
  • Applying too much foundation. It’s pretty unrealistic to put a bunch of makeup on and expect a super natural looking finish so concealer can be your best friend! By applying a thin, light layer of foundation to even out the skin and going in with a concealer to conceal any acne or spots you’re allowing the rest of your skin to breathe and shine through. This method will help keep your makeup looking a little more natural because you’re applying less product all over the face.

Good luck babe :)

Hi!! What kind of advice would you have for someone who is just starting a makeup log? :) Thanks!

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I get this question quite a bit so I thought i’d touch on some things that seem to be working for me :)

  1. Quality over quantity. Personally, I prefer answering a few questions a day that I really take my time on and go in depth rather than answering a bunch of questions a day with shorter answers. This way I can add pictures, prices, descriptions, etc. I also like to do a little research before I answer a question so I can give accurate info cause sadly I don’t know everything! lol 
  2. Keep updated on new products, new makeup techniques, makeup trends, etc because people will come to you for advice so you want to make sure you’re “up with the times” and giving the people what they want. You can do this by checking other makeup blogs (I do!), watching youtube videos, following big makeup brands on social media, etc.
  3. Find out what your followers like. For example I like to see what posts of mine get the most notes/attention so I can get a gist of what people like and want to see. 
  4. Make your blog pretty! I’d suggest keeping your blog theme neat, organized and clean so people can focus on the content. I paid for my theme because some of the free or cheaper themes can look a little less “professional” but it’s really personal preference!
  5. Queue your posts (if you use tumblr). I don’t always have time to update my blog so i’ll spend a couple hours making posts for the next day or doing it in the morning, etc and queue them so they post periodically through out the day. This way I don’t flood people with posts all at once and more people can see you content since different people are viewing your blog through out the day.

Again, this is what seems to be working for me so I’m not sure if this is the “right” way but hopefully you have a little more insight on how to start up and run your blog :)

Hello! I was wondering if you had and tips on which is the best way to apply foundation getting good coverage and without wasting product. Any tips will help please and thankyou!

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I would recommend using a flat top foundation brush! You can get the most coverage using a flat top foundation brush which means you can use less product. The trick is to use a brush where the hairs are short and tightly packed together. The more dense and compacted the brush hairs are, the better the coverage you can get with less foundation :)

Another tip would be applying a thin layer of foundation and then going in with concealer to cover anything that still needs coverage. You need less concealer to cover since it’s more potent and pigmented so you can use less foundation. 

Some brushes I recommend are

Coastal Scents Bionic Flat Top Buffer $7


Sigma Flat Top Kabuki $21

Sedona Lace Synthetic Flat Top $15 currently on sale for $12!

ELF Flat Top Kabuki $3 at Target (not my favorite out of the others, but definitely good for the price)

Real Technique’s Expert Face Brush $9 at Walgreens, CVS, Ulta and Walmart. A more curved kabuki, but still gives full coverage with less product.

Hi! I was wondering if you knew of any good liquid to matte lipsticks. Thank you!

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Sure! :)

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams $6

Lime Crime Velvetines $20 (usually sold out on their website, try Amazon or other online sites)


Sephora Collection Lustre Matte Long Wear Lip Color $16 (dries to more of a velvet finish, not completely matte)

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lip Color $22 

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks $19

hii I have reason to believe that MAC's Twig and Rimmel Kate Moss in 104 are dupes! Would you say that it's accurate?

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Yes I would! Rimmel’s 104 is a tad more mauve/pink while Twig is a little more brown but they will look verrry similar on the lips! 

A great Kylie Jenner esque shade! :)

MAC Twig

Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in 104


Thanks for the heads up! :)