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Good-quality, inexpensive foundation that can be used for freelance makeup? I don't have the money to buy foundation in every shade. What do you recommend?

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You don’t have to buy a foundation in every shade, you can buy a foundation in the lightest and darkest shade and a few in-between and mix them to match for each client! Add a little of the darker shade to make it darker, add some of the lighter shade to make it lighter. :)

You also want to keep in mind the different skin types when buying foundation for your kit. One foundation may not work for everyone. For example, someone with dry skin can’t always pull off a really matte foundation if their skin is dry and flakey. Or someone with oily skin can’t stay shine free in a foundation thats super dewy and luminous. So just make sure you have good primers, powders, base products, etc for all skin types if you’re using one kind of foundation. I’d say invest the most in base/skin products because getting a flawless AND long lasting base is really important. 

I’d definitely recommend the Graftobian foundation/concealer palettes!

You can get them online here for $58 which is cheaper than on their website. It has a wide range of colors and can be used as concealer or foundation. Many makeup artist already use this! I’d recommend the neutral palette because it can work on cool or warm skin tones. 

Another more inexpensive option is buying Revlon Colorstay for your kit! They make a formula for oily skin and a formula for dry skin which is great for getting a few for different clients. Revlon Colorstay is creamy and long wearing which is really important so all your hard work actually stays looking good on the skin! It’s also easy to get full coverage or lighter coverage out of it.

Hello! Throughout the day my eyemakeup smudges onto my concealer and sticks kinda like on top of it and makes it look like I have even worse under eye circles even if I use an eyeshadow primer. Do you have any tips so this won't happen? I use Avon eyeshadow primer and Maybellline age rewind concealer THANK YOU

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It’s most likely your mascara! Mascara can transfer really easily under the eyes :)

A few tips

  • Waterproof mascara. This is much more smudge resistant than non waterproof mascara.
  • Set your under eye concealer with powder. Sometimes if you don’t set your under eye concealer with powder it stays sticky and tacky through out the day sticking to your eye makeup and transferring. 
  • Avoid using any black eyeliner on the lower water line. Black eyeliner will usually always smudge at the end of the day so it’s not the best for a more clean look. Try using a darker eyeshadow near the lower lash line if you normally use black liner.
  • Use eyeshadow primer under your eyes. If you apply any liner or shadow under there primer will help them stick and not smudge! Also great to apply primer under your concealer under the eyes so it lasts all day.

love this blog! normally i wear really light makeup bc i have light blonde hair and pale skin... but i love the smokey eye look! i'm wondering if you know of any good light brown looks? like eye liner and shadows? and could you maybe post a picture of that kind of look? thanks so much :) xo

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Try taupe and brown smokey eyes! They are a lot less dramatic than black smokey eyes but still sultry :)

Taupe Smokey Eye

Taupe smokey eyes are great because you can keep them light by using a taupe shade all over the lid or darken them up by adding a dark grey in the crease or adding eyeliner! 

Try taupe shades like MAC Satin Taupe, Maybelline Single in Tastefully Taupe & Loreal Infallible Shadow in Bronzed Taupe.

Brown Smokey Eye

You can create a brown smokey eyes using gold, bronze, copper, and medium brown shades. You can also make brown smokey eyes more intense by using dark browns, black eyeliner, etc or keep it light using gold and light brown shades.

Look ideas: Gold or bronze shadow on the lid with a matte medium brown in the crease. Champagne shadow all over the lid with a medium brown in the crease.