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What lipstick (drug store and high end) is like the one Kylie Jenner used last week in that black and white crotchet top?

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I’ve been getting quite a few questions about lipstick dupes for lipsticks in Kylie’s recent Instagram photos! Kylie Jenner seems to be wearing a lot of darker mauves, rosy nudes and beige nude lipsticks. Lip liner is also key to get her new signature pouty lip look! 

Try shades like

MAC Brave

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in shade 08 and 14. 08 (left) is more of a rosy nude while 14 (right) is more of a beige nude.

Wet n Wild MegaLast Lipstick in Spiked With Rum

MAC Velvet Teddy

Can i use a powder thats 2 or 3 shades darker than my skin tone as a bronzer for contoring

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Totally! But i’d recommend maybe going 3 - 4 shades darker because if it’s too similar to your skin it can look muddy :)

I’d recommend something like the Loreal True Match Powder in one of their “cool” shades instead of their warm/neutral shades because you want to use a cooler powder for contouring. The Loreal True Match Powders are super silky and blend like a dream making them great for contouring and bronzing!

Do you suggest using a cream contour if you have oily skin?

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Cream contour actually works best for oily skin! :)

A powder contour tends to wear off during the day and fade for people with oily skin. You’ve probably noticed your blush and bronzer is a lot more faded at the end of the day, thats because your oils are breaking down the powder and causing it to wear off. 

Using a cream bronzer or darker foundation to contour will last a lot longer than a powder contour because it’s sticking to the foundation and not just sitting on the skin. Setting your cream contour with a powder bronzer will help it last even longer! A lot of people use a cream blush and then set it with a powder blush because it helps the blush stay all day, sort of acting like a glue.

However if you plan on using face powder over it might cover up all the cream contouring you just did. So you’d want to set your face with translucent powder (white powder that goes on colorless) instead of tinted pressed powder. Translucent powder is great for oily skin anyway! If you don’t want to use translucent powder just use a very thin layer of your normal powder :)

So yes i’d recommend cream contouring for oily skin, just make sure to set it with a powdered contour and use translucent powder over.

Hi, I had a quick question. I always find it hard to pick out my perfect shade of foundation. Now I know I have combination skin, but I don't know how to figure out cool, neutral, or warm tones. So how exactly do you determine exactly what you are?

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Cool skin tones lean more pink. Usually those with fair skin have pink undertones and sunburn easily, have redness in their skin, etc. 

Warm skin tones lean more yellow. Warmer skin tones are usually more of a beige to deeper tan color. 

Neutral skin tones have no real distinct undertones, they tend to be a mixture of yellow and pink. Sometimes considered olive skin tones that leans more green like those of middle eastern, asian or hispanic decent.

Here is an example of cool vs warm foundations, the cool shade on the left is more cool/pink almost grey in comparison to the warmer, yellow shade on the right.

Other tricks to help determine your skin’s undertone are

  • Press down on your skin with slight pressure and the pressure will cause your skin to change colors for a second showing your undertone, yellow or pink.
  • Look at your veins, usually those with green veins have yellow undertones while those with blue veins have cool skin tones.
  • What jewelry do you look best in? Warmer skin tones look best in gold jewelry while cooler skin tones look best in silver.

It’s a little tricky at first but once you learn it, it’s really easy to distinguish warm from cool! :)

Hi there! I love your blog :) I have a question I'm hoping you'll be able to help me out with: Are there any drug store lipsticks the same color as MAC Modesty? Thanks!

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Maybelline Warm Me Up is really similar!

Warm Me Up (left), Modesty (right)

Loreal Fairest Nude is similar as well, also a nudey mauve!