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Hi I bought the Mac Pro longwear awhile ago but i have some Problems with it. After i apply it, it gets darker so it doesn't match my skin anymore. I really like the product. Do you have any tips for me ? :)

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Some foundations oxidize and “settle in” and become a shade or two darker which can be a little hard when looking for your shade!

My best advice for making a foundation thats too dark work is

  • Use a lighter concealer to highlight under the eyes blended down, middle of forehead, basically all areas of the center of the face. This will balance it out a bit by adding a little bit of lightness to counteract the darkness. Some people actually use a lighter shade of foundation in the center of the face and a darker shade of foundation on the outer edges of the face as a way of adding dimension to the skin! 
  • Mixing with a foundation that’s too light. You can even buy a cheap foundation thats too light and mix it to create a better color.
  • Blending down your neck onto the chest. Generally your face is a lighter than the rest of your body anyway so a shade or two darker won’t make too much of a difference when blended down to the neck. 
  • Using a lighter powder over top. Using a powder your skin tone or lighter will help balance the color a bit.

Good luck! :)

Hi I was wondering if you had any Dos & Donts for when you're trying to cover up acne! I love your blog btw❤️

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Great question! :)

Sometimes makeup can actually make your acne look worse and become more noticeable so it’s good to know how to hide your spots as well as possible!

  • Try not to use a heavy coverage foundation. Now if you have severe acne and a lot of area that needs coverage a full coverage foundation can be good for you. But if you only have a few pimples at a time around 3 - 7 you don’t really need so much foundation because the rest of your skin is pretty clear. Using a light weight, light coverage foundation all over the skin and a concealer to hide any pesky pimples will look a lot more natural not drawing too much attention to the fact that you’re wearing makeup.
  • Don’t over powder. A super powdery, cakey, dry finish will bring attention the spots/acne right away. You want it to look as smooth as possible. You do this by applying a thin layer of powder, translucent powder is best because it’s almost invisible. Using moisturizer and a smoothing primer under your makeup will help your makeup go on a lot more smooth as well. You can eve go in with a small eyeshadow blending brush to apply powder right over the pimple so you’re not over powdering.
  • Press, don’t over blend. Pressing foundation and powder into your skin over the areas that need it will give more coverage than swirling and buffing over the area, which can just move around the product. Pressing/patting the concealer/foundation will give you more coverage so you don’t have to use as much product. Less product, the better!

Hi I love you're blog ! But I have a question if you don't mind lol. I have acne prone skin. I have a lot of dark scars as well. Do you have any recommendation for removing scars? I don't really want to continue using foundation to cover it up. I want to have better skin so I could use less makeup

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Hi babe!

When it comes to removing acne scars exfoliating is the best method (from my experience)! Exfoliating is getting rid of the dead, dull skin uncovering your new, fresh skin. Right now only the first few layers of skin are scarred and discolored, all the skin underneath is clear! So you want to get to that skin by exfoliating regularly once to twice a week depending on how harsh your exfoliator is. Check out my post all about exfoliation and the different methods here

Personally, my favorite exfoliating product is the Olay Microdermabrasion Peel Kit $20. It’s a pretty intense scrub/at home facial you use once every two weeks or so. This gives me the best results and makes my skin a lot more clear and radiant!

You can also speed this up by using chemical exfoliants to lighten scars/dark spots. Skin care products that are “brightening” or promote “even skin tone” generally have ingredients that help cell turn over aka exfoliating getting rid of the bad skin. Serums are great for fading dark spots because they are really concentrated with good ingredients, just make sure you get a serum that’s specifically targeted at fading spots or evens the skin tone.

Some of my favorite products are

  • Korres Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Sleeping Facial $48 (night time moisturizer that fades dark spots as you sleep)
  • The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion $21 on sale right now for $12 (Vitamin C is very brightening)
  • Dr Dennis Gross Ferulic Acid + Retinol Brightening Solution $88 (Retinol is a great chemical exfoliant) 
  • Boots Triple Age Renew Facial Serum $16 at Target and Ulta (anti aging products are great for uneven skin tones)

I normally use a face scrub once a week and use a chemical exfoliant/brightening daily in the form or a serum or moisturizer to keep my skin clear and bright :)

I usually use a Chanel primer for my eyeshadow which works pretty good but doesn't convince me 100% I see how other girls eyeshadow just pops out more than mine, what eyeshadow primer do you recommend?

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You’ll want to use a tinted eyeshadow primer, something that neutralizes the color of your eye lids to make the eyeshadows really pop! You can even use a white or flesh toned base/eyeshadow over your current primer to make shadows look more vibrant.

Some great tinted eyeshadow primers are

  • MAC Paint Pots (dupes for these are Maybelline 24 Hr Color Tattoo)
  • NYX HD Eyeshadow Base
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden (tinted version)
  • Benefit Stay Don’t Stray 

All of these are tinted and almost look like you applied concealer/foundation over your eye lid which will help any color look more intense :)

hi...I am looking for very bright Matte lipsticks like the ones we see the models wearing .. the ones I tried were disappointing like maybelline or Mac , next I am trying bourjois rouge edition. what do you recommend ?

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Some other brands that have bright/neon lip shades are lines like

  • Maybelline Vivid’s Collection
  • Lime Crime Lipsticks and Velvet Lip Creams
  • OCC Lip Tars (liquid matte lipstick)

They may not be all be matte but you can make any lipstick matte by dusting some loose translucent powder or even using your normal pressed/loose powder over top of your lipstick!

Try some shades like

Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in 110


MAC Candy Yum Yum (recently made permanent) 

NYX Matte Lipstick in Shocking Pink (Candy Yum Yum dupe)