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Do you know any close dupes for Lime Crime's Babette lipstick? I would just order it but they have been out of stock for awhile now :( Hopefully you can help, thanks!

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Lime Crime Babette

Wet n Wild Just Peachy, it’s a smidge more peach but for only $1.99! You can add a little of a pale nude lipstick in the middle of the lips or add a nude lipgloss to make it look more similar :)

You could also try Amazon! Usually Amazon has all the Lime Crime stuff in stock :)

Sorry If you've been asked this before, but does using primer/not using primer make a big difference with how your foundation will look?

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It depends if you get the right primer for your certain skin type and needs. Not every primer you try will work for you! You might have to return a few until you find one that works best for you because everyone’s skin is different. I’ve just recently found my favorite primer which is the Hourglass Mineral Veil aka my true love which makes my makeup last ages and makes my skin look like silk. 

There are a few types of primers 

  • Smoothing Primers
  • Long Wearing Primers
  • Luminizing Primers

Pore & Line Filling Smoothing Primers

These primers fix the texture & overall look of your skin. These primers are ideal for those with large pores because they fill in any large pores creating a poreless, smooth base under foundation. A smoothing primer is also great for dry skin because it smooths over any flakey patches and makes your skin’s texture look more smooth and not as dry. These types of primers arent always best for oily skin because they don’t do much for oil control.

Examples: Benefit Porefessional, Loreal Youth Code Texture Perfection Pore Vanisher, Maybelline Baby Skin, Tarte Clean Slate Poreless 24 Hour Primer.

Oil Control/Long Lasting Primers

These primers act like glue between your skin and foundation. Ideal for long work days, oily skin, humid weather, sweat, etc. 

Examples: Smashbox Photofinish Primer Light, Neutrogena Shine Control Primer, Hourglass Mineral Viel Primer, Kat Von D Rehab Priming Elixir.

Hydrating/Brightening Primers

These primers can have a subtle glow/pearlized finish or be hydrating for a more dewy finish. Great for dry or dull skin who want a luminous finish!

Examples: Tarte 24 Hour Brightening Primer, Loreal Magic Lumi Primer, Dior Glow Maximizing Primer.

I'm not sure if I'm just too pale or if it's the wrong undertone or if I should just buy a better quality foundation but I have recently tried on two foundations and they both made me look orange/yellow. I used to wear MUFE liquid HD foundation in N17, but I ran out and I usually looked rather white in it. Any tips?

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It’s probably the undertone! the N117 foundation from MUFE is under the neutral category which is in the middle between pink and yellow undertone. Usually those with pale/fair skin have pink or neutral undertones :) 

Oily skin can also cause foundations to oxidize and turn orange so if you have oily skin that may also be your problem. 

Unfortunately you can test out drugstore foundations in store like high end foundations so i’d recommend buying from a drugstore that accepts open/used returns like Walgreens & Rite Aid if you need to keep exchanging for different shades. Or you can buy a higher end one and find your perfect shade in store.

Revlon Photoready makes a few fair shades without strong yellow undertones

To be extra sure you have the right undertone you can try Loreal’s foundations. They make the original True Match which is a little more matte and the True Match Lumi foundation more for dry skin or if you want more of a luminous finish. Both are great drugstore foundations and are separated by undertone C (cool/pink), N (neutral) and W (warm/yellow).

I'm a bit confused, sometimes on yt I see women putting concealer on pre foundation and sometimes post foundation. Why is that and what is the benefit of doing it either way?

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It’s really personal preference! There is no correct way of applying makeup :)

Some people argue putting on concealer before foundation causes them to use less foundation and vice versa putting on foundation first causes them to use less concealer. 

In my opinion i’d rather use a thin layer of foundation then go in with concealer to cover anything else that my foundation didnt. Usually concealer is thicker and can look more cakey so I like to use as little concealer as possible.

Plus when applying concealer then foundation, the blending of the foundation would just move around and take away all of the concealing you just did. Unless you just patted the foundation on with no blending. 

And lastly I like to apply concealer in a triangle shape under my eyes because I like to keep the under eye area bright and applying foundation after would take away some of the brightening I just did :)