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hey so i want to start contouring, but i'm confused on if i should get a contour kit or buy the highlighter and bronzer separately

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A contour kit would be great to start out! It mainly depends on your skin tone and if any contour kits out there would work for you. Some contour kits can be too dark or too light but if you find one that works for your skin tone it’s nice to have a one stop product for contouring and highlighting. Just avoid any contour kit with a bronzer shades thats too orange and warm, you want a more grey, ash brown bronzer.

Some great matte bronzers for contouring are

  • NYX Blush in Taupe
  • Benefit Hoola Bronzer
  • Too Faced Chocolate Soliel Bronzer
  • Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder
  • NYX Matte Bronzer
  • Physicians Formula Bronze Booster

Some great contour kits to check out would be

Makeup Forever Sculpting Kit in 2 Neutral Light. The bronzer is a medium cool toned brown and the highlighter is a pale powder with a slight sheen.

NARS Contour Blush

Sleek Contour Kit in Light (US peeps can buy on Amazon or online)

Urban Decay Naked Flushed palette in Streak, The bronzer in this palette is more cool than the others.

what is your top 5 favorite MAC products ? love your blog btw ! :]

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Thank you! :)

Lets see my top 5 MAC products hmm… i’d have to say

  • Mineralized blush in Dainty because it goes with any makeup look and never looks too overdone! A nice warm medium pink with a slight sheen.
  • Mineralized Skinfinish Natural as a setting powder because it never looks cakey and feels light weight.
  • Pro Longwear Concealer for under the eyes and blemishes for light weight, long wearing and full coverage.
  • Lipstick in Syrup, great every day medium pink shade. Moisturizing and goes with any look.
  • Prep + Prime Highlighter in Radiant Rose to brighten and highlight the face.

Is it okay to wash my brushes with baby shampoo?

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Totally! I use Johnson’s Baby shampoo to wash my brushes because it’s affordable, gentle and effective at deep cleaning my brushes.

Just make sure you get a non scented one because some are lightly scented which will leave that perfume on your brushes and can cause irritation or breakouts. So no lavender scented or lightly scented ones! The Johnson’s Baby shampoo in the yellow bottle is the most basic :)

what is a fan brush used for

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A fan brush can be used for a few things! :)

  • Applying a light dusting of powder to set your makeup. A fan brush picks up very little product so it’s great if you want to set your makeup with a powder because it prevents applying too much looking powdery or cakey.
  • Applying a light layer of blush in a small area. Sometimes powder brushes or blush brushes are rather big so it’s easy to apply too much blush. A fan brush gives you a little more control over how much blush you’re applying.
  • To highlight the face. Since fan brushes are so thin and narrow you can use it to highlight the cheek bones, down the nose, the temples and the upper lip. It’s not only the right size and shape to highlight but since fan brushes pick up less product than a normal powder brush you can apply a less dramatic highlight and build it up as desired. This prevents you from looking like a disco ball if you just want a subtle highlight. 
  • To contour/bronze the face. Some fan brushes are rather thick and full making it great to lightly contour the cheek bones. Fan brushes can give that light, thin even chiseled contour unlike some big powder brushes. You can even use a fan brush to apply a light layer of bronzer around the edges of the face like the temples to get a light bronzed look never looking too overdone. 


Urban Decay Naked2 Basics Eyeshadow Palette

  • Skimp — Pale Nude Satin
  • Stark — Nude-Pink Matte
  • Frisk — Warm Gray Matte
  • Cover — Muted Red-Brown Matte
  • Primal — Muted Brown Matte
  • Undone — Deep, Smoky Brown Matte

How To Start An Eyeshadow Look

When creating an eyeshadow look…where do you start?

I like to start by asking myself if I want a warm or cool look. When creating an eyeshadow look I like to keep the tones in the same family by using all cool toned eyeshadows or using all warm toned shadows. Sticking with one tone helps the look come together looking more uniform because all the eyeshadows stick to the same undertone.

Cool toned shadows tend to be more ash based like taupes, greys, ash browns, pinks and purples.


Warm toned shadows tend to be orange and red based like golds, coppers, bronzes, peaches, corals and reddish browns.


After you’ve decided what color palette to play off of, choose your finishes! Eyeshadow finishes range from matte (no shimmer, flat), satin (slight shimmer), shimmery, metallic, frosty (extremely shimmery), duo chrome (two colors in one, varies with lighting), etc. You can even use cream and liquid shadows for a wet, glossy look. It’s best to use a variety of finishes so they don’t clash. For example, using all shimmery shades will cause all the shades to mush together and just look like a shimmer/glitter mess. Adding some more matte/satin shades breaks up the look so you can see the contrast between shadows. 

From left to right: Matte, Satin, Shimmer, Cream (wet, glossy finish)


After you’ve chosen your color palette and finishes, you can start creating eyeshadow looks! With knowing the basics of creating an eyeshadow look all your looks will look a little more put together. Good luck and have fun! :)

Check out my post on how to blend eyeshadow here!