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Hi! I was wondering where to get a full professional brush kit without breaking the bank. What are some brands you would recommend? Thank you 😘

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Hello! :)

Typically I recommend starting your brush collection slowly buying one by one because usually more affordable brush sets aren’t always the best quality. Buying a nice brush every few weeks or so allows you to build up a really nice collection without spending a lot up front. But you can find some really nice brush sets if you’re a beginner or want to start a makeup kit!

Check out some kits like

Sedona Lace Votrex Kit. On sale right now for $79! You can pay a little more for the same kit with a belt if you’re buying it for your kit!

Sedona Lace 12 Piece Professional Set. On sale for $63!

Morphe 11 Piece Brush Set. More affordable at $35.

Sigma Premium Kit $217. Great investment for aspiring makeup artists! Probably not be necessary for one person or a beginner. 

Oily Skin FAQ

Hi babes!

I’ve spoken about this subject quite a few times and it’s probably my most asked question… what are good products for oily skin? I won’t go too in depth about it because I have posts doing just that which i’ll link below. Just want to address this topic for all my oily skin gals (and dudes) out there just incase you’re a new follower, missed the post or just need a reminder. :)

I’m a big believer in prepping the skin and treating the root of the problem (aka oil) instead of simply trying to find products to cover up the issue. The best way to do this is through skin care and primer! There are so many products that will help shrink pores, control shine, absorb oil through out the day, etc that you can use under makeup to help your makeup last all day. Products like toners, foam cleansers, clay masks, oil controlling lotions and primers. All these pre makeup steps will significantly help with the longevity of your makeup by preventing the over production of oil instead of trying to maintain it by constant blotting and powdering. 

P.s these products are more “drying” so I wouldn’t recommend using oil control products at night time because your skin NEEDS moisture so pamper it at night with a good, rich moisturizer! Sometimes your skin is producing more oil because you’re using products that are too drying and stripping the skin day and night. 

Some posts you might find helpful:

Skin care posts for oily skin

Makeup/Skin care posts for oily skin

Hi! Do you happen to know a more affordable dupe for NARS' Train Bleu? I love the color, but I can't seem to find the shade in stores near me, and I'd much rather buy a similar color from a drugstore brand. Thanks!

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You might have to adjust the color a bit using a darker lip liner or mixing a dark purple lipstick and a little bit of red lipstick to get an exact color but i’ll list some close alternatives! :)

NARS Train Bleu

MAC Cyber (not drugstore, but still $10 cheaper!)


Wet n Wild Vamp It Up (on far left)

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 04