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That ask you just responded to doesn't link to anything, the "best of drugstore" one. It's just bolded but isn't clickable.

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Oopsies that’s probably why I shouldn’t queue posts at 3 am LOL

I’ll link it now!

It’s also under my makeup tips link or you can go on my page and just type in “drugstore” in the search link and it’ll pop up :)

or go to it here… this time the link works hehe

Hi there! My question is about eyebrows. I have naturally dark eyebrows and dark brown hair, so it difficult for me to fill my brows in without them looking to intense. Is there any products you suggest to try that may work best for dark brows or any tips on how to make it work. Hopefully that all made sense. :p

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I feel you!

I have dark brows & hair as well and the best way to keep dark brows from looking too harsh is to either

  • Choose a taupe/ash shade to fill in the whole brow
  • Use a lighter brown/grey/taupe to fill in the first half of the brow to create a gradient effect from light to dark or just fill in the front of the brow less than the arch to create the same effect.

Choosing an ash brown shade (p.s ash means a cool, grey undertone nothing warm/orange) is a lot less harsh than using a dark brown.

Shades like the middle shade in the Wet n Wild Brow Palette ($3)

ELF Brow Kit in Ash $3 (left shade is wax)

Anastasia Brow Duo in Medium Brown (one shade is ashy, one shade is a darker brown)

As you can see many brow kits come with a few different shades so you can mix them to create a shade or use the lighter shade in the front of the brow to create a gradient/ombre effect! Naturally the front of our brow is a little more sparse and lighter while the end of the brow near the arch is thicker and fuller.

Hai I love your blog 🙌 but I've been getting into makeup a lot lately and ice been trying to complete looks and it in a cheaper way! Any cheap products you recommend for nice simple easy looks?

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Check out my Best of the Best Drugstore Products post here! :)

Could you recommend some false lashes please? I really wanna get into gale lashes now but there's so many brands and types, idk where to start. Thanks!

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My fav brands are Red Cherry, Ardell and Salon Perfect :)

I prefer human hair lashes with clear lash bands because they look the most natural. Salon Perfect lashes arent real human hair but they look pretty darn close.

Red Cherry has soo many styles and you can get them fro really affordable at $1 to $2.50 depending on where you get it. The only problem with Red Cherry is they arent in any big name stores they are sold at mom and pop beauty stores that choose to sell them. However you can easily find them online! 

When I first started buying Red Cherry i’d just buy one of many styles and then once I try them buy more of styles that I liked! My fav styles are #217, #43, #474M, #523, #117 & #205

Ardell is sold at most drugstores like CVS, Walgreens, etc. A little more on the expensive side at $3 - $4 a pair.

My fav styles are Demi Wispies, #117 and #105.

Salon Perfect is a brand sold at Walmart and online. They are really similar to Ardell lashes just a little cheaper. They make great 4 packs!

what do you think is the absolute essential makeup products for everyone?? love the blog, btw :)

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Thanks boo!

Check out my Makeup Starter Kit Guide here, even if you aren’t a makeup beginner it just states the makeup basics with examples at all price ranges to have in your collection :)