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Hey so I know green makeup products are used to hide redness and yellow is used to highlight. But what are pink, blues, and purples used for? Thanks! Love your blog by the way!

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When color correcting you need to view and understand the color wheel :)

Pink can also be used for highlighting/brightening like yellow! Usually those with more tan to deeper skin tones would use yellow to highlight and those with more fair skin tones would use pink.

For example Maybelline Dark Circle Eraser Concealer in Brightener is a pale pink toned concealer. I LOVE it for under the eyes. I’m somewhat fair in the winter but in the summer it would be too light. When i’m more fair using yellow to highlight looks too yellow. 

Another version of color correcting with pink is using a more peachy shade to cancel out dark circles. Peach/orange/pink is opposite to blues and purples which are usually the shades of under eye circles on the color wheel. By applying a more peachy toned concealer under the eyes the purple/blue will be less noticeable. Concealers will either be slightly peachy toned or a more vibrant orange. For the slightly tinted shades you can use them on their own but for the vibrant shades you’ll need to go in with a skin tone concealer over top.

An example of a peachy toned concealer is Bobbi Brown’s Color Correcting Concealers

Purple/Blues corrects yellow skin tones and balances it out to be more neutral. Purple is the opposite color on the color wheel to yellow so when applying like a purple tinted primer will make your skin tone appear less yellow. 

Hey :) Firstly, love your blog! This isn't a question so much as a recommendation: I see a lot of people asking you about covering dark shadows under the eye but I never see you recommend this product so I'd just like to vouch for it! I have terrible dark shadows and puffy eyes in the morning but Garnier's Anti-Dark Circles caffeinated roll-on is one of my desert island products! It feels amazing to put on, blends really well, doesn't cake and instantly makes me look 100x more awake than I am! x

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I’ve actually been really eager to try it! Your recommendation might make me finally take the plunge :)

What's your favourite eyeshadow set?

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I LOVE the Lorac Pro palette.

Matte eyeshadows are a must for me so I love having the whole top row of matte colors. Plus it has all the basic colors in one palette. A copper, taupe, bronze, browns, and even some fun shades like Garnet, It Pink, Mauve and Deep Purple. 

So I want to buy some things from MAC but I have so much makeup it makes me mad. Regardless, I do like MAC products and wouldn't mind getting some staple stuff. I've only ever used their eyeshadows (been a few years), lipsticks and liners, and their Pro Longwear Concealer along with their 217 and the 266 I think. Is there anything that you think is a staple to try? Also maybe what eyeshadow colors I should get (I have too many nudes but I'm open to whatever's good).

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I personally LOVE the mineralized skin finish natural powder to wear over foundation or on it’s own. It’s a super light weight powder with a natural finish so you never look cakey or powdery.

I also love MAC blushes I have a tad obsession. They have a wide range of colors and are usually really pigmented. I’d recommend getting maybe one or rep every day colors. My faves are mineralized blush in dainty (warm light pink), Melba (muted peachy pink) & pink swoon (medium pink).

For eyeshadows I’d recommend done neutral yet fun shadows like satin taupe, woodwinked, sable & antiqued :)

Are you going to post more items on poshmark?

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Yes :)

The majority of my makeup is at my apartment and the ones I listed so far were from my moms house aka the house I grew up in. So I’ll have more posted this coming week!

If any of my followers bought some makeup off me from poshmark I shipped it out yesterday!

My poshmark is @michellemolina :)