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What are some makeup product & tips should beginners know?

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Hi babe check out my Makeup Tips link on the top of my page! You’ll be able to find how to post on pretty much everything, how to apply foundation, how to get a flawless looking face, how to fill in eyebrows, how to blend eyeshadow, etc.

I also have a Makeup Starter Kit Guide in that link for product recommendations for beginners :)

I wear a powder foundation (Mac Studio Fix or IT Celebration Foundation) and I've tried several ways to put it on as well as starting with moisturizer and primer and still it just doesn't look good going on. I have oily skin and large pores on my nose and cheeks so I'm not sure if that makes a difference, but is there a specific way to put a powder foundation on that looks smooth and flawless?

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I’m honestly not that big of fan of powder foundations for that reason! They are hard to really melt into the skin and look smooth. I just find liquid foundations to look more natural and smooth.

However I do really like Benefit Hello Flawless Powder and mineral powders like Bare Minerals Original, Bare Minerals Matte and Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrushed Mineral Foundation. What I love about mineral powders is the more you swirl your brush in the product either in the lid or on your face it warms up the minerals and it melts into the skin not looking cakey or powdery. Benefit Hello Flawless powder is just a super silky, creamy powder that has great coverage so it can be used as a powder foundation.

But you can can make your pores smaller and more smooth with skincare! It’s easier to “fix” your skin’s actual problems rather than trying to cover them up and hoping to find products that work for you. 

For info on how to get smaller pores check out my post here

To get a really smooth base exfoliate! When I don’t exfoliate for a week or two my skin just looks dull and makeup doesnt go on as flawless. When you exfoliate once a week or so with a scrub your skin’s texture will feel like a baby’s bottom. For info about exfoliating check out my post here :)

This may be a very stupid question, but when contouring and highlighting do we only use a lighter and darker shade or do we also use a shade that matches us?

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Not dumb at all because you can do it both ways!

Some people apply a thin layer of foundation all over their skin before going in with a lighter concealer/foundation/cream and a darker concealer/foundation/bronzer. This is good if youre not highlighting and contouring your entire face just like in the cheekbones and under the eyes

Some people use foundations/concealers to contour and highlight every inch of the face as their overall foundation because once it’s blended out it will look more “flesh” colored and not just dark and light. This gives a more extreme contour/highlight effect and is more dramatic.

For instance this person isnt applying highlighting an contour all over their face just in certain areas so she may want to apply a thin layer of foundation before.

And this person is highlighting/contouring their entire face so once it’s blended out it will create a color more suited to her skin tone. If you were to apply a layer of foundation under this it might be too cakey and too much product.

I hope this makes sense! lol

What's a good blending tool for contouring?

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A Beauty Blender or “fancy” makeup sponge used slightly damp is the best in my opinion and most used when blending out contour and highlighting products by makeup artists and professionals. You can easily blend out the harsh lines by gentle tapping and pressing. Sometimes using a brush to blend will move around the product too much and over blend. Using a makeup sponge keeps the contour and highlight where it needs to be and creates a very airbrushed finish :)


Although I prefer the original Beauty Blender (the one sold at Sephora and called “Beauty Blender) when applying foundation, I think a cheaper alternative would work just fine for blending out contouring/highlighting!

You can get the Original Beauty Blender online or at Sephora for around $20 for one but I usually get a 2 pack because you save a few dollars. 

However Sonia Kashuk (sold at Target), Real Techniques and Nordstrom (makes a Nordstrom brand one) all make cheaper dupes that are under $10!