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Can you recommend some good brushes for applying mineral powders?

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I’ve been on such a mineral powder foundation kick lately! lol

I’ve been using my Bare Minerals a lot lately and i’ve been using the ELF Kabuki brush, it’s so soft and fluffy. Only $6 at Target and i’m able to get pretty full coverage using this brush! Their $3 ELF Flat Top Brush works great too :)

The Flat Top brush is great for buffing product in the lid!

Tarte’s new brush that’s meant to be used with their new mineral foundation is great because it’s for mineral foundation! You can buy it separately :)

I have quite a lot of acne on all parts of my face ( mostly the sides of my face, chin area) I know pretty yucky... , anyways in the summer it's harder to find something that can stay and is not as heavy. I was wondering if you had any recommendations?! Or even something that could help with the acne? Thanks :) xoxo

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For summer I really recommend Estee Lauder Double Wear!

It’s a foundation more on the liquidy side which means it’s more light weight and feels lighter on the skin yet still has awesome coverage. They even make a more light weight formula called Double Wear Light however it has a little less coverage but still extremely long lasting. Double Wear is probably the longest lasting foundation i’ve ever used which is why its great for summer! Full coverage + feels light + lasts all day, aka perfect. My only complaint is that since it is so long wearing it can be a tad drying and isnt dewy or moisturizing so you will need a moisturizer under.

I also have a post all about how I treat my acne here :)

Also, lately for a spot treatment i’ve been loving the Clean & Clear Benzoyl Peroxide Persa Gel 10 because it will literally shrink a pimple overnight!

However this is very, very strong the first time I used it I applied it all over and woke up in a rash! However my bff who uses it has more resilient skin so she can use it all over and be fine. But I ONLY use a teeny tiny bit as a spot treatment and usually at night followed by a rich moisturizer since it is drying. This product is easy to use wrong but when you find the best way to use it it’s awesome for acne!

I really want to do nude lips but since my lips are naturally red, nude lipsticks make me look ill. Do you have any tips or product recommendations? xxx

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I can’t necessarily give nude lipstick recommendations because it depends on your skin tone but there are a few ways to make nude lips more wearable! :)

1. Gloss! Either adding a layer of gloss over nude lipstick or using a nude lipgloss will give a little more life to nude lips. Using a nude gloss is a great way of muting out your lips without fully committing to nude lipstick. Matte, flesh tone lips can make you look a little ill.

2. Go for a nude thats a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone. A flesh tone nude isn’t usually the most flattering. Try a darker beige lipstick. 

3. Use a darker beige/nude lip liner. This will make any nude lip darker on the edges/outline so it doesn’t just blend in with your skin. It adds dimension to the lips and creates a lip shape so it doesn’t look too flat like you have no lips!

4. Go for a nude with a pink or peach undertone. A pinky nude or peachy nude is a lot more wearable than a flesh tone nude yet still keep the lips muted.

MAC Blankety

Hi doll do you know any good affordable makeup websites? Thanks😋

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One site to get discounted higher end makeup at is All Cosmetics Whole Sale, they also have many discontinued products like rare limited edition MAC products which is cool! Check out their sale section for the better deals :)

For more affordable/drugstore makeup check out

  • Cherry Culture (has popular brands like NYX, Jordana, etc)
  • Coastal Scents (has affordable brushes, palettes, makeup, etc)
  • BH Cosmetics (similar to Coastal Scents)
  • E.L.F  (popular affordable brand sold at Target. If you don’t have a Target or to shop their full collection, shop online!)