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Hi! I only wear concealer on my skin but lately I've been looking flat:( do you recommend anything for this?

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A few things that will add life back into your skin are

  • Bronzer/blush! When you apply any base makeup like foundation, concealer and powder you’re evening our your skin tone making it look all one color. Naturally our skin has contours under your cheek bones and has natural redness on your cheeks and such. Using bronzer or blush, or both will add some color back to the skin making it look more healthy and less flat!
  • Add a glow! Either by mixing moisturizer with your concealer and foundation on the back of your hand so your skin will have a bit of sheen or by adding a shimmery powder on the cheek bones and down the nose. You can even just go for a more moisturizing foundation like Loreal Magic Lumi foundation. A matte, flat look isnt always the most flattering and natural looking. Giving your skin a slight glow will add a lot of life to your skin.
  • Exfoliate! Your skin can look dull and lifeless if you don’t exfoliate enough. Exfoliating makes your skin tone more even and smooth by scrubbing away dead skin so all your skin care products can sink in and work better. Your skin just looks more healthy if you exfoliate once a week or so. Your makeup will go on better and look better. Check out my post all about exfoliating here!


Any recommendations for translucent powders? Preferably high end products.

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For my oily peeps out there I really recommend the Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Translucent Powder. I’m guessing it’s the Amazonian Clay in it (which makes all their products super long lasting) that keeps your skin shine free for significantly longer than my other translucent powders. However it’s a liiiittle more chalky than others so I wouldnt recommend this so much for drier skin. 

For my darker skin ladies or those who always feel like translucent powder leaves a white cast or makes their face look too pale try Laura Mercier’s Loose Translucent Setting Powder. It’s slightly tinted a pale beige color but goes on transparent. Like most setting powders it’s super buttery and makes your skin look like silk. Great for all skin types.

One of my trusty favorites is Makeup Forever HD Powder. Makes your skin look like silk, blurs imperfections, keeps your makeup on longer and sets to a demi matte finish. 

Also, quick tip!

Try applying your translucent powder before blush and bronzer. Your blush and bronzer will go on super easily and blend out flawlessly :)

Can you touch on expiration of products? I see those little symbols of a makeup pot with 6mths (or whatever) written in them, but does that apply to just when you start using them or what? And what should I be looking for in products "going bad"? My sister has eyeshadows from years ago, whereas I toss mine out every 12 mnths.... Thank you!

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The expiration date starts when you open them! :)

For example an unopened bottle or mascara or foundation doesn’t begin to expire until you start to use it. Once you open it air and bacteria starts to get in making the product break down and expire quicker. So don’t open any new product until you will for sure start using it. Mascaras will begin to dry out and the formula will be clumpy and dry. Concealers and foundations will get watery and separate. Make sure to shake your older foundations before using.

For powder products they usually last around 2 years. You can continue using them after 2 years but the pigmentation might not be as great or they might become more powdery/chalky. They won’t “go bad” like cream/liquid products because you cant sanitize them like you can with powder. With powder you can spray a light alcohol spray but any bacteria inside a cream or liquid will just get more funky. Gross I know lol

My boyfriend loves touching my face, any foundations that won't transfer too much? And that aren't too oily?

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I have two tips for you!

  1. Long lasting foundation
  2. Translucent powder

A long lasting foundation like Covergirl 3 in 1 Outlast, Estee Lauder Double Wear, Lancome Tient Idole Ultra 24 Hour, etc will stick to your skin and not just sit on the skin making it easier to transfer.

Often times when your makeup transfers on things it’s not always the foundation but the powder. Powder comes off super easily! Translucent powder is great because it’s colorless so it won’t show if it transfers on anything. Plus translucent powder makes your makeup last longer and makes your face look extra flawless because of it’s blurring properties. :)