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Are you going to post more items on poshmark?

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Yes :)

The majority of my makeup is at my apartment and the ones I listed so far were from my moms house aka the house I grew up in. So I’ll have more posted this coming week!

If any of my followers bought some makeup off me from poshmark I shipped it out yesterday!

My poshmark is @michellemolina :)

What do you recommend as a high coverage under eye concealer. Long nights have my eyes looking like a zombie. I went to the Lacome counter this past weekend and the consultant recommended their water proof effacernes but I'm afraid it'll look cakey. Also, I keep seeing gurus use the Mac Pro Long Wear and it seems to work fine for them (haven't tried it yet). Looking for high end and drug store. Thanks a million, also I love your Instagram pix ;)

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Thanks boo :)

MAC Pro Longwear is great! Full coverage but still light weight so it won’t look cakey. Another good one is NARS Creamy Concealer!

A good drugstore option is Revlon Photoready Concealer, Hard Candy Glamoflauge and Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser which is my persoanl fav because you can layer and layer for more coverage and it never looks cakey. 

Also to keep your under eyes from looking cakey don’t let the under eyes be too dry. If your skin is dry under the eyes it will make it look a lot more cakey. Use an eye cream or even just your face moisturizer every night and under your concealer :) 

Are false eyelashes for everyone? Because I noticed a lot of people wear them but im not sure they would work on me because my eyebrows are kind of low and my eyelashes touch them as it is. I don't think false eyelashes would fit me lol

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I totally know what you mean, a pair of lashes will look really natural on me but the same pair will look really dramatic on my best friend. Everyone just have different eye shapes and amount of lid space :)

For you i’d recommend gradient lashes that start off fairly short and flare out at the ends. They are a little less dramatic but the longer ends adds some extra glam. Since they are shorter in the front they won’t touch your lid/brows!

Or try short lashes like the Red Cherry lashes in #747S

Hello :) I'm a huge fan of your blog and I love it so much that I always check it daily like it's a routine :3 Anyway, I wanna ask you something about powders that I thought I would find the answer on FAQ, but I didnt :| So I'll just ask you a question and hopefully you'll answer it soon. I've been wondering the difference between Two Way Cake Powder, Powder Foundation, Pressed Powder, Loose Powder, Blotting Powder, and Translucent Powder. Could you please tell? Thanks in advance :*

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They all have different amounts or coverage and are used for different looks :)

  • Powder foundation is usually a full coverage powder used as a replacement for liquid foundation. Usually those with oily skin go for powder foundation since it’s matte and will control oils better. This isn’t the best option for dry skin because it will just make dry skin looks more dry. If you don’t like a matte/powder finish powder foundation may not be for you.
  • Pressed powder is similar to a powder foundation but with less coverage. Usually pressed powder is used over liquid foundation to set it so your liquid foundation doesnt slide off or transfer on clothes and such. It’s also used to add extra coverage if your liquid foundation didnt cover everything you need it to. Some pressed powders have more coverage than others!
  • Loose powder is just like pressed powder but not pressed. Loose powder usually comes in the form of mineral powder and is usually more light weight with less coverage than pressed powder. Loose powders sometimes have a more luminous finish than other powders for those who don’t want a matte look.
  • Blotting powder is used as a touch up powder through out the day. It has a very light coverage because you don’t want to cake and pile on heavy makeup through out the day. Blot powder usually has more oil controlling properties than regular powders so most oily skin people use it to keep their face matte through out the day. You can also use it over your liquid foundation to stay matte.
  • Translucent powder is a white powder that goes on clear. Translucent powder provides no extra coverage. Since the powder is so silky and finely milled it makes your skin look more “airbrushed”. They are also great at controlling oils! Great to use as touch up powders through out the day cause they never look cakey. This powder works for all skin types from oily to dry because it’s so finely milled it won’t accentuate dry patches. 

I never realized how confusing powder was! I hope this all made sense LOL

What color eyeliner would you recommend for blue-grey-green eyes? My eyes tend too look to dark with black and brown so I would like to try a different color.

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Try grey or copper liner!

Grey eyeliner is a great way to add definition without the harshness of black eyeliner. Grey and taupes are always flattering on blue and green eyes.

Gold, copper and bronzer eyeliners look GREAT on blue/green eyes, it makes them pop :)