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im a new makeup artist and i want to start offering lashes to my prom clients. is there any style that is affordable and flattering to everyone?? thanks!

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Red Cherry lashes for sure! You can usually get them for $1.99 online or cheaper in bulk on Ebay or Amazon. You can just type in Red Cherry #217 on Ebay or something and you can find a pack of 10.

Some styles i’d recommend thats flattering for most occasions and eye shapes are




Please name me the top five best foundations for dry skin that will give me a dewy flawless finish??

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  • Lancome Tient Miracle
  • Loreal True Match Lumi
  • Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk 
  • Dior Skin Nude
  • Neutrogena Healthy Skin

All these foundations have about a medium coverage and give the most flawless, glowing finish!

Hey there! So I've been using bare minerals since I was 12, (I'm 21 now) and I feel it's time to move onto something with a tiny bit more coverage. But I have no clue what since I have been using the same thing for so many years. Any suggestions?

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Since you’re going from mineral foundation you want something more light weight cause anything too heavy/full coverage will feel really heavy on you!

Try some more lightweight foundations with medium coverage like

  • Loreal True Match Foundation
  • Loreal True Match Lumi Foundation (more dewy, luminous version)
  • Urban Decay Naked Foundation 
  • Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation
  • Makeup Forever HD Foundation

All these foundations are more liquidy/runny so they are super light weight yet still give medium to full coverage by adding another layer. Since they are light weight you can apply more for more coverage!

Also p.s, Bare Minerals is coming out with a mineral liquid foundation too so maybe you’d want to try that :)

Hi I was wondering where you can get the makeup pallet at? Like the one from Mac I think where you can create it if that makes sense

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Yes MAC makes empty palettes either a quad which fits 4 shadows or their larger one which fits 15 shadows. You get to choose each shadow to put in so it’s completely your taste. Sometimes premade palettes have only a few shades you like so creating your own makes sure you like every shade :)

Last time I checked you could only buy empty palettes, pan shadows (shadows that you can stick in the palette), etc at free standing stores or PRO stores NOT the counters. So if you only have a MAC counter near you i’d suggest going to the counter and writing down all the shades you like then buying the palette and shadows online. This is more expensive than buying a normal palette so I started slowly buying a few new shadows to add to my MAC palette every now and then till I built a full palette. 

You have to buy the pro palettes empty and then buy a separate insert with an insert for 15 shadows or 6 blushes or even a lipstick insert where you crush lipsticks into each little compartment. They also make a pro palette that fits 2 inserts so double the amount of product you can store!

However some people (like myself) dont use an insert and just let the shadows sort of roam free because you can get more room for more shadows. The inserts make it look more neat though, so it’s just personal preference.

With insert


Without insert


A cheaper alternative is making a customized Inglot palette! Same concept but less expensive. Since Inglot is only in a few large cities not every where you’d have to do it online so I’d recommend googling pictures of shades you think you like or googling other people’s inglot palettes to see shades you can get.

They use the freedom system, to get started click here!

Inglot palette