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How many uses do you usually get out of a pair of fake eyelashes?

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Depends on how you take care of them and how good quality the lashes are! I use Red Cherry lashes which are real human hair and have a clear, flexible brand and retail for $1 - $2 and I get at least 5 uses out of a pair. Sometimes even around 10! However some MAC lashes I’ve used lasted around 20 uses :)

To keep the most use out of your lashes you should

  • Not apply mascara on them. Sometimes I apply mascara on them the first time I use them but I don’t keep adding mascara every time I use them again because the mascara will cake up and looked more “used”. You can use makeup remover to remove any mascara after each use if you really want to apply mascara again.
  • Keep them in their case or some enclosed space. This prevents any dirt, dust, etc from getting them dirty. Try to use one to two lashes over and over and not have too many open/used lashes out because thats how you loose them and loose track!
  • Peel the glue off after each use. This can sometimes ruin the lashes so you have to make sure to keep a firm grip on the lashes near the band and pull off the glue gently. You can use makeup remover with a Q tip to help unband the glue. After the glue is off they will look like new!

Hello! I have a question actually regarding make-up brush sets. I've been looking to buy a new one since it's about time to replace all my current brushes, and I've been eyeballing the 22-piece brush set from Coastal Scents. Would you recommend their brand, or is there one you feel is better for around the same price range? Thank you!

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I have a few Coastal Scent brushes that I LOVE mainly the Bionic Flat Top Buffer ($7) and Pro Blending Fluff ($5).

The 22 piece set has some great face brushes however the eye brushes are just okay. I wish they had more fluffy blending brushes the ones in the 22 piece kit are all sort of just different sizes of a flat shader brush. ย For the price it is a good deal because the brushes are still decent quality but not very practical I wish they would have added their Pro Blending Fluff in the kit.ย 

A kit I really is the Sedona Lace Travel Vortex Kit, it comes with a flat top brush for foundation, contour brush for bronzer or blush, two blending eyeshadow brushes and more which I think are brush must haves and excellent quality.

Real Technique’s makes great mini brush sets as well for super affordable. Great quality brushes. You’d be good to go if you got their eye kit and their face kit but they have a few different kits with around 4 - 5 brushes. Their single brushes are great too! Sold at Ulta, Walmart and Walgreens.

But personally I prefer to buy single brushes slowly but surely because a lot of time I don’t even like or use half the brushes a set will come with. However it’s really personal preference :)

I have naturally jet black eyebrows. What would you recommend for brow powders and pencils? Thanks for being an awesome resource!

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Thanks! :)

When I used to dye my hair black I love used taupey brown/grey shadows! The trick is to not use anything too warm or too brown. Because a warm golden/red brown won’t look natural. Black hair often has a blue or cool undertone so taupes and grey browns work best. If you want a really natural brow you can try a lighter taupe shade. Look for words like “ash” and “taupe”.

Personally I loved using MAC’s Concrete or Brun Eyeshadow

Wet n Wild’s Brow kit has very cool ashy shades

Rimmel’s Brow Pencil in Dark Brown & MAC Stud are great pencil options