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Do you have any tips for date night makeup, especially with Valentine's Day coming up? Looking for something a little more color neutral, since all I've seen is bright red lips and that doesn't look so great on me. I'd still like something that's more showy than the every day makeup but still natural looking.

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I always think taupe smokey eyes are super sexy and sultry!

Use a taupe shade all over the lid and a little on the lower lash line with a smudged out black liner or shadow on the upper lash line.

Smudge out top liner is always super sexy and gives that bedroom eyes effect. You can use shadow or a pencil eyeliner and blend it out with a Q Tip or a pencil brush. You can use black or brown depending on how intense you want the look to be. 

A medium brown in the crease adds some glam without looking too over done.

Other tips

  • Glowing skin! Glowing skin is super flirty and pretty. Skip on the powder or apply a cheek highlight.
  • Exfoliate your lips the day off with some sugar and honey. This will make sure your lips are soft and kissable. 
  • Go for a natural lip like a pink tinted lip balm or sheer lip gloss.
  • False lashes! They add glamour. Choose more natural, wispy lashes for a baby doll, flirty eye look.
  • Go easy on the blush, bronzer and contouring. Go for a more natural pinky blush and apply bronzer lightly!

Good luck! :)

Where can we see your postings?

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You have to make a poshmark account it’s free to make its sort of like ebay :)

It just makes it easier to sell because they send me & the buyer confirmation and tracking emails and such.

Could you give me the link to where you get your red cherry lashes again? I knew I should've saved it 😔

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Sometimes I buy them in sets of 3, 6, etc on amazon too if I know I like a certain style :)

Hey I have a question about cleaning my brushes. I have brush cleaner that I use to clean them but it's such a hassle to clean them and then I can't use them while they dry. Is it okay to simply wipe them off with my makeup remover wipes after using them?

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Yes you can spot clean your brushes! :)

You can buy a spray brush cleanser (amazon always has options) and spray a little on a towel or paper towel and swirl your brush in it until any color is gone. The brush is dry instantly!

You can make your own spray brush cleanser with brush cleanser, water and a little alcohol.

However I’d only really recommend that for eye and cheek brushes. Face brushes for powder and foundation should be cleaned once a week so bacteria doesn’t build up and cause break outs.

I like to wash my brushes at night so when I wake up they’re dry!

Some tips to help them dry faster is

1) Dry them upside down (brush hairs down) or on their side over a paper towel, this lets the water run out and not stay in the brush if you were to dry them face up

2) Swirl the brush gently in a towel to dry it off a bit, this cuts the drying time in half!

hi! can you recommend a good lipstick brand (or just a red lipstick) that would stay on through everything, like kissing my boyfriend, drinking from a glass?

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NYX Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo, one of my favs! The tube makes it look more like a dark red but it’s a true red on the lips and stays put and doesnt transfer easily at all. 

I also recommend NYC Smooch Proof Lipstain in Rock On Ruby. This is a lip stain and not a lipstick, but lip stains have basically no transfer! 

Lime Crime Velvetines, they make two great red shades!