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Hey (: two questions, 1.) what's a good bb cream that's not too pricey but still has good coverage? and 2.) whats a good powder that would work with it? right now i've been using the Rimmel Stay Matte but i find it can leave my face feeling dry, thanks (:

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I’m obsessed with Garnier’s BB Cream for oily/combination skin! It lasts longer than the original version for normal/dry skin and has great coverage, it covers all my scars and acne. It’s also a drugstore product :) 

As for a powder thats not too matte/drying try Maybelline Fit Me powder, Maybelline Dream Wonder powder (a less matte version than the dream matte) or Revlon Nearly Naked Powder.

A translucent powder like ones from ELF and NYC are great too because they never look cakey or dry :)

can you recommend an inexpensive makeup line that is 100% vegan (no animal testing/animal products)?

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ELF is probably the most inexpensive vegan makeup line you’ll come across! Sold in Targets, some dollar stores and online :)

Wet n Wild is also cruelty free, inexpensive & mostly vegan they have listed the products that have carmine in the link below. So just avoid those products and the rest are vegan :)

How To Become a Makeup Artist


  • Practice on friends, family members, etc so you can practice on people with different skin tones, eye shapes and skin types. 
  • Photograph your best looks either on yourself or others and make a portfolio so potential clients can look through your portfolio to get a good understanding of your skills.
  • Getting a job at a makeup counter or store will give you a lot of credibility and you often apply makeup on others as apart of the job. This will give your practice and skills. You can also gain clients this way! A lot of times you can work for makeup companies as their freelance makeup artist. 
  • Start doing smaller jobs on the weekends and slowly build it into a full time job. 

Start a kit

  • You don’t need a million products, invest in a few foundations and concealers and mix them to create the perfect shade for each client. Just make sure to have a very light shade and a very dark shade and a few in between.
  • Invest in good brushes. Good brushes will help makeup apply better and feel & look more luxurious. Sigma, Sedona Lace, MAC, Sephora all make great quality brushes! 
  • Use palettes! You’ll get more for your buck and they take up less room. You can even get concealer, foundation and lipstick palettes from websites like Coastal Scents and Graftobian
  • Have products for every skin type & skin shade.


  • Make an Instragram, Facebook, Blogspot, business cards, etc any social platform possible to get your name out there. The more people who see your skills means more potential clients 

Be hygienic and professional 

  • Clean your brushes before and after every client. This just ensures every brush touching your client’s face is clean.
  • Don’t use any makeup of your own that you may have touched like cream concealers or cream eye shadows. It’s best to have separate makeup for your kit and separate makeup for your own use, same with brushes. Although it’s okay to use some of your own products I wouldn’t make it a usual thing.
  • Use lip brushes, mascara wands, spatulas, etc. you don’t want to apply lipstick directly on a clients lips because it’s tricky to sanitize a lipstick but easier to clean a lip brush. Same for mascara you don’t want to use the same mascara wand on more than one person, ever! You can find very cheap disposable mascara wands at Sally’s or online. Spatulas are great for scraping out concealer, foundation, cream products, etc then using a brush to apply. All these tips will help not to contaminate products!image

Use the right products for their skin type, shade and environment 

  • Different lip and cheek colors flatter different skin tones there isn’t one blush and lipstick that will work for everyone. One nude lipstick won’t work for every shade, have nudes from pale beiges to darker tans. You can use lip liner to help make a color lighter or darker too, don’t be afraid to mix lip and blush colors to create the best color for your client. You can mix foundation and concealer shades as well, you don’t need a million foundation and concealer shades.
  • One foundation won’t work for every client. Make sure to have foundations, concealers, powders, primers, etc for all skin types from oily to dry. If you use a foundation thats too matte and drying on someone with dry skin it will look flakey and powdery. If you use a foundation thats too dewy on oily skin their makeup will come off within hours. Ask your client questions about their skin type to get a better understanding on which products will be best for them.
  • Consider their environment. If they want makeup done for a dance make sure you use long wearing products that will last through sweat and heat. If your client is getting their makeup done for a wedding use waterproof mascara (crying) and go for a natural glam look nothing too over done (unless they ask for that). Just be sure to match their makeup to what they are doing and where they are going :)

Extra tips

  • Use lashes! They’ll glam up any look and make every look seem more “professional” 
  • Invest in a good train case, black is always the most professional looking
  • Invest in a good makeup artist chair. This looks very professional and gives them the full makeup artists experience. Check out one on Amazon here!
  • Organize your makeup efficiently. You can buy concealer and lip palettes which are more compact than having a million and one products. You can find organizers to put in concealer, foundation, lipsticks, etc. image

Lastly, good luck! Success won’t come right away but dont give up! Theres always more to learn and area to grow when it comes to makeup. I wish all you hopeful makeup artists out there the best of luck :)