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This isn't really a question: I was going through your makeup tips and I saw your post about makeup organization. I thought you and your bajillion followers would be interested to know that the lipstick holders you showed (it won't let me link) are actually for sale at Dollarama (at least in Canada) They're 3x3 squares and I find them particularly useful for cone shaped liquid eyeliner storage. =]

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Thanks for the heads up girl!

Hey, I've been getting interested in lipsticks recently. Only problem is I'm not sure what goes well with my skin tone. Also I want to buy another eyeshadow palette I love the naked 1 & 2 that I have but three looks a little to pink for me. Is there any other brands you would recommend that has a good palette ?

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Judging from your icon you look like a medium/tan skin tone so i’d recommend fuchsias, corals, peaches, mauves, red and beige nudes! :)

As for other palettes try the Lorac Pro (fav palette ever!) & Too Faced Palettes (they make quite a few different palettes)

Try lipstick shades like

Maybelline Fifth Avenue Fuchsia

Revlon Coralberry or MAC Vegas Volt

Revlon Pink In the Afternoon

Rimmel Kate Moss in #08 (pinky beige)

What's a good glitter liner with glitter through out that's not patchy if you know what I mean?

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I love NYX Liquid Crystal Glitter Liner! It’s not super opaque glitter in one swipe but when I layer it twice I get great color pay off. Around $5 at Ulta or online :)