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What's A good face wash that removed a full face of makeup ?

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I LOVE Philosophy Purity cleanser for taking off all my makeup even eye makeup it really breaks everything down. I still use another cleanser afterwards with acne medication to clean and treat my skin because I like my face to be super clean.

If I don’t use the purity cleanser I’ll remove my makeup with face wipes/makeup remover wipes to take off all my foundation and such then wash my face with a face wash.

If you wear a full face of makeup it’s best to remove makeup before washing by either washing twice or using makeup wipes because you’ll most likely leave some makeup behind if you only wash once!

Or you can wash your face and use a toner with a cotton pad afterwards which will remove any excess dirt, makeup and oil left behind :)

What's a good way to take off mascara without pulling any eyelashes out?

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Put makeup remover on a cotton ball or cotton pad and place it over your eye for about 30 seconds to a minute to let the makeup remover really dissolve the product so you don’t have to pull and tug as much!

Try a really good eye makeup remover like Clinique take the day off or Sonia kashuk’s eye makeup remover at target :)

I love your blog! I was wondering if a MAC Paint Pot is the same as a cream eyeshadow such as a "Maybelline Color Tattoo. I can't see spending that much unless it's something magical

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The only main difference is that the paint pots are meant to be bases so they have more matte skin tone colors and neutral colors while the color tattoos are more shimmery and have more bold colors. But I find the color tattoos to last longer! However I do wish the color tattoos came in matte skin tone shades :(

They have one shimmery beige shade which is similar to bare study!

what types of questions should I be asking when selecting a foundation for a client? like do I need to know about their skin care routine?

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Great question! As a makeup artist it’s good to ask questions to know their skin type so you can use the right primer, foundation, etc. if you have a client with oily skin and don’t use long wearing products their makeup will be sliding off within an hour or so which will result in an unhappy customer.

You also might want to ask what sort of finish they like either matte or dewy or in between aka a satin finish. They might want a certain look like natural or full coverage so you might want to ask them that too :)

I would suggest just asking what skin type they have and if they don’t know just ask them simple questions like so you get oily all over or just in your t zone? You can ask is your skin tight, flakey and dry? Etc because some people might not know their skin type.

Some might be combination so oily & dry or dry & normal or normal & oily. For these clients you can to treat both so use a oil controlling primer and powder in the oily areas (usually t zone) and use a rich moisturizer in the drier areas but not in the oily areas.

So make sure you have foundations, primers, moisturizers, powders, etc for all skin types and skin shades :)