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Always ask yo questions i just feel like you never answer them :/ lol i know you might just be busy

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I’m really sorry love! :(

I read through most of my questions I just get way too many to answer them all. I honestly wish I could help everyone who asks me I truly do feel bad when I ignore a question. I try to pick questions to answer that I feel like could help a lot of people & try to switch up the kinds of questions answered so hopefully a lot of people’s questions get answered somehow. 

In the mean time please check my FAQ (frequently asked questions), Makeup Tips, and Skin Care Tips on the top of my page because quite a few questions can be answered there :)

Thank you to everyone who values my opinion enough to confide in me for makeup advice and thank you to all of my followers!! 

Hello! Recently I have come across the realization that using my fingers for everything makeup-related isn't cutting it. Could you tell me which brands are good and what kind of brushes to buy? Like a beginner brush kit type deal? I would appreciate it so much!! Thanks!

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Hi there :)

I have two posts that will help you learn about the basic types of brushes! Click here for basic must have brushes for eyes & click here for basic must have brushes for the face.

As for good affordable brands I just answered that question which you can view here. Pretty much all the brands I suggested have more than one type of kit. Sedona Lace, Real Techniques & Sigma in my opinion have the best kits :)

Some beginner kits I recommend in order from favorite to least favorite are

is the revlon photo ready skin lights any good? is it a foundation? I've never seen it but lately I've heard it's pretty good.

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Its a liquid/cream highlighter so you can mix it into foundation to add a glow or use it on your cheek bones for highlighter! Very similar to Loreal Magic Lumi Primer which is also a liquid highlight. The shades are dupes for MAC’s Lustre Drops :)

To my knowledge the Revlon Photoready Skinlights are in the UK currently and will come to the US as part of their Spring 2014 collection and might be out already but I havent seen them in stores. What I do like about them more than the Loreal Magic Lumi Primer (which is available in the US) is that it comes in more than one shade. It comes in a pink, golden, peach and bronze shade. The Loreal Magic Lumi Primer is more of a white gold, pale highlight. 

Revlon Photoready Skinlights swatches

affordable makeuo brushes?

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Some that I use & love are listed below :)

Real Techniques sold at Ulta, Walmart, Target and Walgreens!google!ULTA_Real_Techniques&CAPCID=33705049350&cadevice=c&CA_6C15C=1820357895

ELF Studio Line Brushes sold at Target (the black ones $3 each, I wouldnt recommend the $1 ones)

Sonia Kashuk Brushes sold at Target

Sedona Lace Brushes online only

Coastal Scents Brushes online only

Eco Tools is a drugstore great brand as well but I only really like their face brushes :)

Hello! Love your blog, it's helped me with a lot of my makeup problems! I have a question though that i don't think you've answered and it's how to a keep mascara from getting on my top lid when applying it? I have this problem when i don't want to wear eyeliner and then it ends up kinda looking like i put it on anyway, just in a really bad way lol I've tried applying it from a downward angle but it still gets on there anyway. So i just need some tips for clean mascara application : D

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Thats really common it happens to me too!

  • Well first using a mascara with a thinner brush makes it a lot easier like Loreal Telescopic. 
  • Don’t press too hard into the lashes very gently brush through them. 
  • Look down and applying mascara downward on the top of your lashes 

If these still don’t work you can make your own lash shield/card with business cards, flash cards, etc. As long as the paper is somewhat thick. You can buy premade lash cards or juts cut them yourself to fit the shape of your eye. These act like little shields so your mascara won’t get on your eye lid.

Or just go in with a Q tip with makeup remover and remove the excess mascara on your lid :)