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Do you know of a good, moderately priced black lipstick? Or perhaps dark purple? Unusual colors can be tough to find!

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You can find a lot of black lipsticks online at halloween stores! I saw many in halloween stores a few months ago but i’m guessing they are all closed now lmao.

Or try Wet n Wild Vamp It Up 1.99$

MAC Cyber Lipstick (one swatch is a few swipes, one swatch is one light swipe)


  1. beckybocky said: Lime Crime has an awesome black lipstick called Styletto!
  2. offhandcomments said: Urban Decay probably still has their dark lipstick on sale. I brought a few for 3.00 a while back, I think they’re getting new formulas for their lipstick so they’re really really cheap.
  3. justyouraveragecomplicatedgirl said: Lime Crime is cheaper than MAC I’m pretty sure, also if you want really cheap then just use black eye liner and lip gloss.
  4. your-deadly-poison said: Barry M has a really good black lipstick, it’s under £5 too :)…
  5. type-o-charisma said: Well, I don’t know if you get it in many places, but Star Gazer do a nice black lippy XD
  6. queerthanks said: Portland Lipstick Co. has the most pigmented black lipstick ever!…
  7. thedixiewolf said: haha that mouth is ugly.
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