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Contouring 101

What is contouring? 

  • Contouring is using makeup to sculpt your face making your face look slimmer, cheek bones more defined, nose slimmer, even sculpting your law line, etc. You can use a darker concealer/cream/foundation/liquid, a bronzer or even a face powder a few shades darker than your skin tone.


What To Use For Contouring:

The most popular way to contour is using a brush and a matte, cool toned bronzer. You don’t want to use a shimmery, warm, orange toned bronzer because youre trying to create a shadow and a natural effect like your face is naturally sculpted and shimmery, warm bronzers don’t look too natural!

Some great bronzers for contouring are NYC Sunny ($3), Revlon Photoready Bronzed & Chic ($10), MAC Blunt ($20), Benefit Hoola ($29) & Too Faced Chocolate Soleil ($29). Remember, you can even use a face powder that is a few shades darker because it’s matte. I’d recommend a face powder from Loreal True Match line because they make shades in W (warm), C (cool) and N (neutral) so you can use a N or C to avoid getting a shade too warm :)


When applying bronzer with a brush you want to make sure it’s small enough to fit into the hollow of your cheeks, you don’t want a brush that is too fluffy or large. 

Some great brushes for contouring are a small contour brush like MAC 109 ($35), Sigma Small Contour F05 ($16) or Sedona Lace Dome Contour FB 05 (13$).


An Angled Blush Brush works great as well like Sedona Lace Large Angled Contour 850 ($13), Sigma F40 ($16), MAC 168 ($35) & Sephora Pro Angled Brush ($32).


However there are many brushes that will work for contouring, you just want to make sure it’s small enough to fit into the hollow of the cheeks! :)

How To Contour:

When applying the bronzer you want to apply it in a 3 shape on your temple, hollow of the cheek bones and under the jaw so it helps look more natural. This is an optional step, I usually just apply it on my temple and hollow of my cheek bones.

To find where to contour, do the “fish face” to find the hollow of your cheeks, where your cheek sinks in. When applying bronzer/contour powder blend the powder back towards your ear. You also don’t want to bring the contour powder too close in near the nose, keep the contour powder mid way through your cheek :)


Then youre done! You have a new sculpted face thanks to makeup :)


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