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I'm sure someone's asked you this but how do you draw winged liner or "cat eyes"? I love the look and have almond shaped eyes, but I cannot draw this to save my life, Please help?

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Hi love! 

The cat eye can definitely be tricky i remember how bad my wings used to look a few years ago when i just started! lol

I think the easiest method is to start in the middle of your eye and line the upper lash line while saving the wing for last. Once you line the upper lash line you can then start the wing. What i do is make a flick pointing in the direction to the end of my eyebrows. Once i create the flick i then start making it thicker. Don’t try to create the wing in one swipe all the way across your lid to the wing. You want to break it up and do sections at a time. Once you get more used to doing it then doing it in one swipe will be a lot easier! 

(not my picture, thank you google)


I'm sure you've covered this before, but I was wondering if you knew of any cheap ways to clean makeup brushes? I don't really wanna spend money on a brush cleanser if I can use stuff that I already have at home. Btw, love your blog! <3

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I use Johnson’s Baby Shampoo & a little olive oil! Johnsons Baby Shampoo is super cheap and cleans brushes but doesnt dry them out! Olive oil helps break down makeup in the brushes that are a little harder to clean like liquid foundation, cream, etc and also helps condition the brush hairs. But dont use too much because it can be a little hard to clean out alllll of the olive oil if you use too much :) You can also use unscented dish soap and olive oil, but make sure it’s non scented because that can break you out if any left over soap is still on the brush hairs.

How i wash

  • Run warm water over the brush hairs making sure not to get much water near the handle because that can mess up the glue making your brushes fall apart. 
  • Once the brush hairs are damp, apply your soap/olive oil on a plate or in your hand and swirl the brush hair in the soap. The soap will foam up and turn the color of the makeup in the brush so you can tell it’s being cleaned.
  • Run water over the brush hairs to rinse out the soap and squeeze out the water, keep doing so until the water coming out isnt soapy or colored any more.
  • Dry upside down (brush hairs down) or laying flat on a paper towel so the water can seep down onto the towel instead of facing upwards & the water seeps down into the handle/glue holding the brush together :)

Hope this helps <3

I love your Blog& it's truly my Inspiration to become a MUA.! 😊 I'm kinda confused w/ everybody talking about Undertones... I don't see it, I don't get it.. Help?! Please?

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Thank you <33

There are 3 main undertones, warm/yellow, cool/pink and nuetral which is sort of in the middle between warm & cool also called olive undertones.

Warm/Yellow - Your veins are green, you look better in gold jewelry, you look better in peachy/coral lipsticks/blushes. You tan easily.

Cool/pink - Your veins are blue, you look better in silver jewelry, you look better in pink blushes/lipsticks. You sun burn easily.

Neutral - Your veins are blue/green. 

A tip one of my followers gave me was to use your finger to press down on your arm for a few seconds and when you release your hand where you pressed will look pink or yellow which can also help determine your under tone :)

Usually you can tell once you start wearing foundation like woah this foundation looks way too yellow on my skin tone or this looks too pink!

See how MAC’s foundations NC is more yellow while NW is more pinky, same shade but different under tones :)


what are good cosmetics for highlight and contour do you recommend?

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  • MAC Blunt
  • Benefit Hoola
  • NYC Sunny
  • Too Faced Chocolate Soleil 
  • Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer or Sleek Contour Kit (for my UK peeps)
  • NYX Matte bronzer
  • Or you can use a face powder that is a few shades darker than your skin tone! 


  • ELF Blush in Gotta Glow
  • Hard Candy Tiki baked bronzer (sold at Walmart only, it’s not a bronzer i swear lol)
  • MAC Soft & Gentle
  • Too Faced Candlelight Glow


Hi love!! I have a question about foundation and power. My skin is very, very fair. It's also can be acne prone. My skin type is combination. It's very hard for me to find a foundation/ powder that doesn't make me look like I put fake tanner on my face. So can you pretty please help me find a foundation and powder? :)

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Try Revlon Photoready they make pretty fair shades! As well as Loreal True Match in C1

Loreal True Match C1


Revlon Photoready in Vanilla, Shell & Nude, check out vanilla!


NARS Siberia is also a very fair shade!


For powder try translucent powder! It’s a white powder that applies clear so it will set your foundation without being the wrong color. NYC, ELF, Revlon, MAC and Makeup Forever all make great ones :)

How can I create the effect of the brightness under the eyes that a lot of celebrities and people do? What do you recommend? :)

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You want to use a concealer that is a few shades lighter than your skin tone! But try not to use one that’s too thick because it can look cakey/unnatural. I’ve really been loving Loreal Magic Lumi Concealer because it’s super light weight and very brightening! The “Lumi” part of the concealer is really brightening which i love for under the eyes. 

The trick is applying it in a triangle under your eyes & blend it out. Using the triangle method 1) looks more natural instead of just having a light color only directly under your eyes & 2) it makes you look super awake/bright! (this is the infamous Kim Kardashian trick)

I personally like using a yellow based concealer under the eyes because yellow is really brightening! You can also set your concealer with a yellow loose powder like Ben Nye’s Banana Powder, any powder will work really but you want to make sure you set it so the concealer lasts all day! You can use a yellow tinted powder for extra brightening or a powder that is around the same color of the concealer. I usually use a translucent powder (white but applies clear) :)

Hey! I just discovered your blog fairly recently and I love it! I was just wondering if you had any cute organization/storage ideas? I'm starting to get a large collection of makeup and my little makeup bags aren't going to be able to hold anything pretty soon! How do you organize your stuff?

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You can use an Acrylic storage like


Or organizer drawers from places like Walmart & Target 


Or a spinning organizer which i have and love! You can buy it Amazon or (i bought mine from QVC)


For brushes you can get cups/vases and fill with beads!


You can also organize in the drawers with little baskets/containers which you can find at the dollar store & places, even check the utensils sections where you store spoons and forks! 


They also have lipstick/gloss holders you can buy on amazon & ebay & at Ulta



My makeup organization looks like


Lipstick colors for different skin tones!

Remember there are NO rules to makeup, wear ANY lipstick you’d like! These are just guidelines to help find a lipstick that will flatter your skin tone best :) 

Fair: Light nudes & pinks. Bright colors like hot pinks, fuschias, reds & berry colors all look GREAT on fair skin because the really pop.

Nudes: Lipsticks: MAC Creme d Nude, Hard Candy Fire Alarm (sold at Walmart), ELF Natural Nymph, Revlon Lip Butter in Creamcisle. Gloss: Revlon Peach Petal. Loreal Color Riche - Baby Blossom, MAC C Thru.

Pinks: MAC Cremecup (light pink), Wet n Wild Think Pink (light pink), MAC Girl About Town (hot pink)

Medium/Light: Light pinks, Peaches, Nudes, Fuchsias, Corals & Reds (see fair for pinks & nude options) 

Peaches: Revlon Coralberry (light peachy coral), MAC Coral Bliss (pinky peach) Revlon Colorburst in Peach (peach)

Tan: Corals, Oranges, Peaches, Reds, Mauves & Beige Nudes, Fuchsias

Peaches/corals: Revlon Coralberry (light peachy coral), MAC Coral Bliss (light pinky coral), MAC Vegas Volt (medium peach), Revlon Colorburst in Peach (peach), Maybelline Coral Crush (bright coral)

Mauves (medium pink) - Revlon Mauve it Over, MAC Syrup, Loreal Caresse Rose Tafetta

Beige Nudes: MAC Honey love, MAC Hug Me (pinky nude), Loreal Fairest Nude (pinky nude), Revlon Just Enough Buff

Deep: Berries, Beige Nudes, Mauves, Reds, Fuchsias, Purples/Magentas. (see tan for beige nudes/mauves options)

Fuchsias: MAC Girl About Town, Covergirl Spellbound, Maybelline Fifth Avenue Fuchsia

Purples/Magentas: MAC Up The Amp, MAC Rebel, Wet n Wild Sugar Plum Fairy, Loreal Caresse Violet Chiffon

Where can I buy makeup brushes that are good quality but not so expensive?

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For brushes you can buy in store ELF’s Studio Line Brushes (3$ a brush) or Sonia Kashuk’s brushes sold at Target are great quality! 

ELF Studio Line brushes (can also buy online at

Sonia Kashuk Brushes (can also buy online at

Ulta sells Real Technique brushes which are also great quality and a good price. They sell little sets for 17$ each or individual brushes.

For cheap brushes you can buy online try (my FAVORITE brushes)


So I have horrible oily skin. I tried everything to calm it down & it doesn't work. I always use oil free products on my face but when I wear make like foundation concealed & etc for the first hour it looks good but after that it's a oily mess & my forehead nose & apples of my cheeks are so shiny. I tried different pressed powders but it really doesn't help. Any suggestions?

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First try an oil control product, it’s different than oil free because it actually controls oils.

My favorite is Murad Oil Control Lotion, a cheaper option is Clean & Clear Mattifying Finishes Moisturizer. You can also use Phillip’s Milk Of Magnesia, it’s not a “skin care” product but it’s a great secret in the beauty community for controlling oils. It’s cheap and you can buy it at drugstores and places like Walmart! It’s white but apples clear when you rub it in, you’d apply it like a regular moisturizer. 

Then you can also use a spray like Urban Decay De Slick or Urban Decay All Nighter Setting spray, in your cause i’d say De Slick because it’s more for oily skin!

You can also try using a toner after your face wash & before moisturizer. A toner is a liquid you apply with a cotton ball all over your face, it helps absorb oils and treat acne. My favorite is Murad Clarifying Toner, but a cheap toner would be Dickinson’s Witchhazel, sold at most drugstores!

Then try foundations that are for oily skin like Revlon Colorstay for oily skin, Estee Lauder Double Wear and powders for oily skin like Maybelline Dream Matte powder or Makeup Forever Duo Matte powder.


hello ! i love your blog and your makeup tips. But as you know when putting on makeup you kinda need a clean slate, so i was wondering if you could answer this question or perhaps point to another blog that could? What is a good skin care products both cheap and expensive, perhaps ones that work for you?

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I actually don’t know any skin care blogs sorry :(

But i can tell you some products i really like!

My only cheap product i use is Queen Helen’s Mint Julep Face Mask! It’s greeeeat for acne prone skin, people with large pores and oily skin. It’s sold at most drugstores.

For face wash i use Murad’s Clarifying Cleanser and Murad’s Clarifying toner. I’ve tried many, many face washes and toners but these ones REALLY work for me.

For a spot treatment on pimples, i use Clinique’s Spot Healing Treatment, it put it on a pimple over night and under makeup so it’s gone in a few days! a cheaper version would be Clean & Clear’s spot treatment.

For moisturizer i use Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing gel, i love to use it before makeup and before bed because it has a really silky gel texture so makeup applies smoothly over it. For more dry skin days i use a thicker moisturizer.

But i think a good skin care regimen should have a face wash, toner, spot treatment if you have acne, moisturizer and a good mask you can use once a week.

Also to exfoliate once a week with a face scrub (super important), however i have a Clarisonic (a face washing brush) so i use that as a daily exfoliant) Exfoliating will help your skin care products absorb better because you have no dead skin clogging your pores & help make your skin appearance smoother and more clear!


This blog is fantastic! I wanted to know where you could get a nice multi pack of make up brushes at a affordable price? I'm a bit strapped for cash to buy them seperatly x

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Thank you <3

Some of my favorite affordable brush kits are

Real Techniques (sold at Ulta)

Face kit:

Eye Kit:  (17$ each, sold at Ulta)

Crown Brush (i recommend the set i linked here, not the other sets this one is the best quality)

Sigma (the most expensive, but HIGHLY worth it)

This is the kit i started with about 3 years ago & all the brushes are still like new! however i use the flat top synthetic brush from them for foundation that doesnt come in the kit

Sedona Lace Vortex Brush Kit

Also, check out ELF’s Studio Line 3$ brushes for great affordable brushes. they also have a brush set (i would not recommend their 1$ brushes)


Hey , I have really thin lips , is there any I could use to make them look fuller or plump ? Thank you :)

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I really like using Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Extreme over night while as sleep so the next day they will be bigger & fuller! It’s sold at most drugstores, they also have lipglosses in their lip inflation line

For tricks to help make your lips look fuller

  • Use lipgloss in the center if your lips, instead of all over because it will put emphasis on the middle of your lip making it look bigger/plumper
  • Use a lighter lipstick in the middle of your lips (for the same reasons as the lipgloss in the center)
  • Apply a little of shimmery white/skin tone color eyeshadow or highlight above the middle upper lip, it will help your lips look a little fuller. 
  • Use a lipliner the same color as your lips, and line them slightly bigger than your natural lip then apply any lip color or a little gloss to blend it in
  • While you sleep, use a deep treatment lip balm my favorite is Jack Black’s Lip Balm sold at Sephora for 7$. Whenever i use it the next day my lip lines are smoothed out and my lips are more plump


I'm really interested in contouring. I've read quite a bit about it online and I've tried looking for different products, but I guess I'm not quite sure what type of product I'm looking for. Do you have some suggestions for 1) a good product for a decent price, 2) a good way to find the color I need, and 3) a basic explanation of the proper way to contour? Thanks so much!!

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1) any matte, bronzer that is not orange/red based and more grey based (so it looks like a natural shadow). A natural contour on your face isnt orange/red. A cheap option is NYC Sunny! You can also use a darker face powder! I’d recommend a powder from Loreal True Match line because they say W (warm/yellow), N (neutral) or C (cool) so you can easily pick a shade from the N range because they are not orange/red. Benefit Hoola and Too Faced Milk Chocolate bronzer are great higher end options :)

2) I’m going to give you a video for how to contour! It’s a lost easier to watch than for me to explain in words lmao

Here’s a post on brushes i like to use for contouring